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Role Update Of Ben Affleck In The Flash Disappoints DC Fans

Batman fans were eagerly awaiting to watch Ben Affleck in The Flash, but it looks like he won’t be getting as much screen time as they hoped for. The DCEU has had a tough time trying to get things right, and after 2017’s Justice League, key players like Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman were out of the picture. While Cavill’s Superman appeared in Black Adam last year, Affleck’s Batman will be back in The Flash, but he won’t be the only Batman in the movie. Michael Keaton will also be reprising his 1989 role.

This will probably be Affleck’s final DC appearance, as his already-filmed cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has reportedly been cut, and the Dark Knight is expected to be recast for James Gunn’s DCU reboot. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck explained how his superhero adventures became “repetitive… and less interesting” for him before addressing his upcoming role in The Flash. Unfortunately, he noted that while he believes he “nailed” his Batman role in the speedster epic, his part in the movie only amounts to “five minutes.”


Affleck’s comment has left many fans disappointed, as they were hoping to see more of their favorite superhero. However, the actor reportedly wrapped up his time with the DC flick after just one week of filming in September 2021, so it’s not surprising that his role in The Flash is smaller than expected. Despite this, Affleck expressed his fondness for his time in the DC universe, specifically in his debut under director Zack Snyder. Here are some fan reactions:



Five-Minute Cameo 


Already a Flop? 

Not Watching the Movie 


Short Screen Time 

No Keaton & Affleck Interaction? 


In the trailer for The Flash, Affleck’s Batman appeared in two separate scenes. The first involved a daytime action sequence with a Batcycle chase, while the second saw him as Bruce Wayne in an alleyway at night, warning Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen of the potential dangers of time travel. Affleck’s scenes will probably come early in the film before all the Multiverse and time travel shenanigans kick-off, as Allen ignores the words of wisdom from his Justice League colleague.

Once the Multiverse and time travel is in full swing, Allen will seemingly continue the rest of the film in a different universe, teaming up with Michael Keaton’s Batman, who is expected to be the main character and co-lead. The Flash is expected to “reset” the DC universe and kickstart James Gunn’s new DCU, where Affleck will no longer be Batman as a new actor takes his place in the years to come. There were rumors that Affleck would appear in a scene at the end of the blockbuster to set up his return in a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie, but that plan has likely been cut.


Despite being “very much done” with the DCEU after The Flash, Affleck’s appearance in the movie will hopefully offer a satisfying conclusion for the DCEU’s Dark Knight before he is recast. In conclusion, while Ben Affleck’s appearance in The Flash may not be as big as many had hoped, fans are still excited to see him return as Batman one last time. The DCEU has had a rocky road, but hopefully, this upcoming movie will be the movie that sets things right and allows the DC universe to move forward. With Michael Keaton’s Batman also making an appearance, fans are sure to be in for a treat when The Flash hits theaters on June 16.


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