4 Doppelgangers in “The Flash” Season 2

The Flash Season 2 is increasingly getting more intricate and complex in its plot. It has already touched upon themes such as parallel universes, alternate timelines as it has entered into “multi-verse” territory. In the first four episodes, we saw meta-humans from Eart-2 being sent by Zoom to Earth-1 to kill Flash so that the only speedster left across the different worlds is him.

When the plan to send meta-humans to Earth-1 failed, Zoom started playing with the mind of Barry Allen. He started sending Earth-2 versions of people Flash cares about in Earth-1, but the larger question is how does Zoom knows so much about Barry’s personal life. Here are 4 Doppelgangers in the season 2 of the show:

Professor Harrison Wells:

On Earth-2, Harrison Wells is the pioneer of modern scientific advancements, creator of particle accelerator; shares differences with the Flash of Earth-2 (Jay Garrick) who gained super-speed after particle accelerator explosion took place.  Prof. Wells came to Earth-1 post singularity to help Flash defeat Zoom and thwart his evil designs.


Dr. Light:

Zoom sent another meta-human assassin from Earth-2 to eliminate Flash, and it turned out that she is Barry’s ex-girlfriend Linda Park. Dr. Light is not entirely evil, but she has convinced herself that if she kills her look-alike, somehow she will be safe from Zoom’s tyranny.



The speculation is rife that the Zoom at Earth-2 is noboby but Barry Allen himself. As he knows so much about Barry’s personal life that he sent his ex-girlfriend to kill him, it is perfectly possible that he is Barry Allen’s version of Earth-2 which sounds insane but makes for great television.


Killer Frost:

It became clear from the last season when Flash broke through the time-space continuum and saw Killer Frost who is none other than Earth-2 version of Caitlin Snow.

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