Top 10 Best New Action TV Shows of The Past Few Years

New Action TV Shows:

The Action genre has always managed to attract countless viewers as people love to watch something that gets their blood pumping. In the past 5 years, we have seen a dynamic shift in action TV shows, as the focus has shifted to realism and choreography. These shows will give you the adrenaline rush you are searching for.

#10: Warrior (2019 –)

Warrior has a lot of potentials to become a great show and it is one of the hottest action shows currently. This show is not just another cheesy martial arts show, it has a very solid foundation as the acting and writing is fantastic. The Fight choreography is stunning and you should not miss it if you are into high-paced action.

#9: Lethal Weapon (2016 – 2019)

This show is the remake of the classic movie that came out in 1987 with the same name, and surprisingly, it manages to capture the magic of the original. The chemistry between the lead actors is amazing and they make the show their own. Unfortunately, the show could not maintain its quality after Clayne Crawford was fired from the show.

#8: Altered Carbon (2018 -)

New Action TV Shows

The latest season of Altered Carbon garnered mixed reviews from the fans as the makers went in a different direction, but this show is still solid and it has a lot of potential to grow due to its intriguing premise. The Cyberpunk world is really interesting and there is hardly any other show that has presented in such an awesome manner.

#7: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018 -)

Most of us were already familiar with the character of Jack Ryan and we know how awesome he is and this show manages to capture that. If focuses on the origin of the character and his rise to become one of the best agents in the world.

#6: The Punisher (2017 – 2019)

Jon Bernthal was the perfect choice to play the Punisher. This show is full of blood and violence and the action in this show is more gun-centric, but it won’t matter as you’ll be engulfed in the story once you start watching it. Punisher is brutal and unapologetic but he also has an emotional side to him, which Jon Bernthal displays masterfully.

#5: Kingdom (2019 -)

Kingdom is one of the best TV shows on air currently and it shows how to perfectly execute a zombie TV show. It is a part period drama and part zombies, and both these halves are blended phenomenally. It is full of amazing action, writing and acting. The Cinematography is stunning and you should not ignore it for being a Korean show.

#4: Into the Badlands (2015 – 2019)

Into the Badlands has one of the best depictions of Kung-Fu on television. The fight choreography in this show is on another level and it will mesmerize you. But this show is not just about fighting, it has an awesome plot and it’s visually stunning. AMC canceled this show way too early and it was a crazy decision.

#3: The Mandalorian (2019 -)

New Action TV Shows

The Mandalorian is the last hope for Star Wars fans as it feels a lot like the original trilogy, unlike the latest movies that gravely disappointed the fans. It is a beautiful mix of action and adventure, and it is everything the fans of this franchise wanted. Jon Favreau, the genius did it once again.

#2: The Boys (2019 -)

New Action TV Shows

The Boys is the perfect twist on the entire superhero genre and it is a must-watch for those who have superhero fatigue. It is dark, gritty, bloody and gory. No one expected this show to be good, but it overcame everyone’s expectations. The Boys is full of action-packed sequences, thrills and suspense.

#1: Daredevil (2015 – 2018)

New Action TV Shows

Daredevil changed the entire landscape of television as it proved that superheroes can exist on the small screen. We will always remember the hallway scenes in Daredevil as it was iconic and no one anticipated it. The fights in this show look real and they are the highlight of this show. If only Netflix hadn’t canceled this show.

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