How Thor First Became Worthy of Mjolnir?

In the Marvel Comics universe, Thor and Mjolnir are inseparable. The God of Thunder is known for his prowess in battle and his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, which he wields with great strength and skill. However, not many fans know how Thor first became worthy of Mjolnir, he became worthy by fighting a vicious version of the Venom symbiote. This strange occurrence required time-traveling shenanigans, but it’s still recognized as the first time that Thor was able to lift Mjolnir.

During his earliest appearances in Marvel Comics, Thor could assume his true form only by striking Mjolnir to the ground. He would turn back into the mortal Don Blake if separated from his hammer. The weapon is such an iconic part of Thor’s character that many writers have explored the relationship between Thor and his hammer. For the majority of Jason Aaron’s run as writer of the character, Thor (Odinson) could not lift Mjolnir. He had lost his “worthy” status during Original Sin, and Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor in his stead. Together, they had to face the threat of Malekith during the devastating War of the Realms.


In Thor (2018) #14, by Jason Aaron, Scott Hepburn, and Matthew Wilson, Odinson and Jane have to free Odin and Freja from Malekith. To do that, they recruit two more versions of Thor, one from the far future (All-Father Thor) and one from the past. This young Thor (the God of Vikings) is brash, arrogant, and impetuous. Despite his valiant efforts in many battles, he is still unable to lift Mjolnir, which makes him very frustrated. However, during the battle against Malekith, who has become incredibly powerful after absorbing All-Black, the original symbiote created by the King in Black, Knull, young Thor finally proves himself worthy.


To save Freja from “Svartalfvenom,” a twisted amalgam of several enslaved symbiotes, young Thor unconsciously grabs All-Father Thor’s Mjolnir and uses it to smite his foe. The story of how Thor first proved himself worthy of Mjolnir was actually told for the first time in the classic Thor Annual #11. However, since then, Marvel writers have explored Thor’s relationship with his hammer much more in-depth. The concept of being “worthy” was central in Jason Aaron’s long Thor saga, so it’s understandable that the writer decided to reimagine the moment when the God of Thunder first proved to be such.


This story is told from the perspective of young Thor, who most of the time looks arrogant and self-obsessed. However, when he sees his mother in peril, he stops thinking about himself and moves instinctively, only realizing that he grabbed Mjolnir after the fight is over. It’s a little strange that Venom was involved at the moment when Thor finally became worthy of Mjolnir, but in this instance, the symbiote was little more than a tool for Malekith, a classic Thor foe.


What the young god learned in that battle was to care for someone other than himself, a lesson that Thor would carry with him forever, along with his mighty hammer Mjolnir. In Marvel Comics, Thor is one of the most powerful and iconic heroes. His hammer, Mjolnir, is as important to him as his strength and his ability to control lightning. However, the story of how Thor first became worthy of Mjolnir is a little strange and involves some time-traveling and symbiote fighting.

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