Can Moon Knight Lift Mjolnir? Here’s The Answer!

Moon Knight season 1 turned out to be quite a fantastic entry in MCU’s Phase 4. But let me tell you that he is only starting up. He has done far crazier things in the comics. And one of them happened during his encounter with the Mighty God of Thunder. People have been waiting for him to meet Thor because everyone’s asking this question – Can Moon Knight Lift Mjolnir?

Moon Knight is beginning his bonkers quest for justice in the MCU.  But there was an instance where he was getting ready to fight the devil himself. Mephisto has been a pain in our butts ever since WandaVision. Only God and Kevin know when he will finally appear in the MCU. But he has been troubling the heroes in the comics ever since forever. And in Avengers Vol. 8 #33: The Fist of Vengeance took it upon himself to take him down! But even with the support of the Khonshu, he wasn’t powerful enough to defeat the devil! So to become the savior of Earth, he started to take the powers of his fellow Avengers.


The issue began with Moon Knight attacking the Immortal Iron Fist at K’un-Lun. The battle was pretty fierce and went on for quite a few panels. But MK here managed to best Danny Rand in a close combat battle. And he actually absorbed the Iron Fist power. Then his next stop was at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Here, he took the mystical powers of Doctor Strange. He went to Wakanda and made Black Panther surrender. And then, finally, he met Thor, only to make a mockery out of him.


Can Moon Knight Lift Mjolnir

In the MCU, Thor has been the Strongest Avenger many times. He defeated Malekith. He held his own against Ultron and Hela. And he almost killed Thanos in Infinity War. But can you imagine someone like Moon Knight could make him look like the Useless Avenger? As Thor was traveling to the Avengers HQ to help other heroes, he came across Moon Knight. Knowing what MK had been doing so far, he decided to stop his crusade right there. But Moon Knight did not even flinch!


Seeing a threat, Thor always throws his hammer first and talks later. So naturally, he did that against Moon Knight as well. Just as Thor threw his hammer at him, MK gave him one of those Hela moments from Ragnarok. We all know that Mjolnir is made out of Uru. But MK explained that Uru was the last piece left out of the very first orb of the night. Uru is basically made out of Moon Rock. And guess who empowers Moon Knight. It’s none other than the Moon God Khonshu.


If Khonshu can cause an eclipse out of nowhere in the middle of the day, he can certainly allow Moon Knight to control and manipulate Mjolnir. So, MK pushes it back at Thor and knocks him into space. He unleashes his moon power and calls in a bunch of moons to hit Thor. Then we see him take the hammer to Khonshu. You see, he himself cannot technically lift it. But using the powers of Khonshu, he can manipulate the hammer just as Magneto can manipulate any metal around him.


Khonshu, on the other hand, can even lift Mjolnir. That’s what he did to ultimately defeat Mephisto in the next issue, issue number 34. Just imagine if something like this could happen in the MCU. Do you think Moon Knight will be able to lift Thor’s reformed Mjolnir when these two meet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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