Galactus Joins The Avengers as Their Most Powerful Member Yet

In the latest issue of Avengers #66, a shocking twist is revealed as Galactus joins the Avengers. The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are facing their final battle against Mephisto and Doom Supreme for the fate of the Multiverse, and they have called in their most powerful reserves to aid them in this fight. Among these reserves is Ka-Zar, who has returned from a dangerous time-traveling mission with the Power Cosmic and a new master – Galactus himself.


In Avengers #50, Ka-Zar was last seen traveling through time on the Avengers’ behalf to chart the history of Earth’s legacy powers. He was caught by Mephisto’s bodyguard, the Iron Inquisitor (Howard Stark), and left stranded on an Earth ready to be destroyed by Galactus. However, Ka-Zar was able to make a deal with the Devourer of Worlds, becoming his new herald. He then promised Galactus “the meal of a lifetime” and brought him to the battlefield at the God Quarry, where Ka-Zar’s new master will likely feast on the Doom Planet, a planet-sized version of Doom that is causing havoc among the ranks of the Avengers’ army.


The Avengers are assembled from every world in the Multiverse by Avenger Prime, a version of Loki, to take on their foes. The battle sees Doom Supreme with his army of Dooms and the Mephisto of Earth-616, who has killed and absorbed all other versions of himself, growing to colossal proportions and power. The battle is intense, but the Avengers are holding their own. As the fight reaches its climax, Ka-Zar appears with Galactus in tow, declaring him an honorary Avenger.


Rather than just being an unlikely ally, Galactus is officially declared an honorary Avenger, and he is even present in the final panel of the issue, a splash page with a huge “Avengers Assemble!” battlecry. This choice is consistent with the tone set by author Jason Aaron for his final Avengers tale. This long Multiversal saga has almost been trying to upstage itself, with every new chapter making the stakes and the cast of characters bigger and more impressive. The proof is that just one page after Galactus’ appearance, a new colossal cosmic Avenger is introduced with the arrival of Avengers Mountain, the corpse of a Celestial animated by the spirit of a Deathlok.


The decision to make Galactus an honorary Avenger might seem like a cheap way to create an impactful moment in the story and some purist fans might surely turn up their noses at that. However, this is now part of the official Marvel canon, and from this moment onward every Avengers history book will have to record Galactus as a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Galactus is undoubtedly the most powerful member ever to join the Avengers. As the Devourer of Worlds, he possesses cosmic might that surpasses that of any other member. While he has often been depicted as a villain in the Marvel universe, this new role for him as an Avenger is sure to bring new opportunities for storytelling and character development.


The decision to add Galactus to the Avengers’ roster is also significant in terms of the ongoing evolution of the Marvel universe. The Avengers have always been a team of superheroes that come together to face a common threat, but the inclusion of Galactus takes this concept to a whole new level. With his cosmic powers and immense strength, Galactus is sure to bring a new dynamic to the team and push the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the Marvel universe.

It remains to be seen how Galactus will fit in with the rest of the Avengers and what kind of impact he will have on their missions and adventures.


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