Why The Watcher Chose These Specific Members Of The Guardians of the Multiverse Explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded into the animated worldwide What If…? The show brings us some of the most harrowing stories from the multiverse. From the advent of Infinity Ultron and the death of all the Avengers multiple times throughout the season we think we know why The Watcher chose these specific members of the Guardians of the Multiverse. First of all, this team sounds like it is going to be a recurring theme in all future seasons of What If…?. Secondly, we did like the parallels between this team and our OG Avengers.

Everything throughout the season was leading up to the final battle between these heroes and Ultron. Everything including the losses we suffered was for this moment of judgment. Infinity Ultron was stopped by the members of the Guardians of The Multiverse. This was the team of Star-Lord T’Challa, Party Thor, Black Widow Variant, Captain Carter, Erik Killmonger Black Panther, Strange Supreme, and Gamora wearing a Thanos Armor. These heroes battled one of the craziest villains in the multiverse to protect the weak from evil.


As the finale of the season came closer and closer we could not help but wonder how things changed from the start of the season to the end of the season. We started by meeting only one displaced hero, but by the end, we had made an entire team of heroes like that. Even some that we’re mostly reprehensible namely Erik Killmonger. Both kindness and the lust for power were put on full display throughout the length of the final episode of What If…?


Members Of The Guardians Of The Multiverse

The members were said to be chosen for their unique skillsets. As Strange Supreme points out The Watcher saw every aspect of how the plan will go and he chose members for what they could do. Killmonger was there to put pressure on Ultron throughout the fight. He and party Thor were supposed to be the distractions and distract, they did. The others were all essential for their own special characteristics. For instance, there was no one in the multiverse who could directly oppose Ultron or contain him except Strange Supreme.


No one else has the necessary power to do such a thing. This only gets more accentuated when you look at the other members of The Guardians of The Multiverse. Captain Carter was the leader, the planner, the inspiration of the team. Then there was Natasha who worked in perfect sync with Carter and came up with the perfect plan to disable Ultron. The Shield teamwork by the pair that was used to distract Ultron was praiseworthy. Then there was the entire infinity crusher thing.


Members Of The Guardians of the Multiverse

Without Thanos Gamora there would have been no infinity crusher and to get the soul stone T’Challa Star-Lord was imperative. Even Killmonger had his role to fulfill. He would separate the stones from Ultron’s body before Zola could take cover. Then he’s supposed to battle for control of the stones with Zola forever in their own pocket dimension. The whole thing is quite ridiculous but makes sense when you examine it with in-universe rules. Each member of the team was there to fulfill their role. Even if the role was to attract the attention of the craziest villain in the multiverse.


The Watcher Sees All

Even at the end, when realization dawns on Strange Supreme, there is a clear admittance of what has happened. Strange comments that the watcher saw everything, each moment. He knew what was gonna happen and how it was gonna happen. That is the reason the watcher chose these members of the Guardians of the multiverse. Things had to be in perfect sync and the watcher had to ensure that without exceptions. So he even used villains like Killmonger to attain his purpose.

No matter how noble the purpose of the watcher, his modus Operandi was still that of a comic book villain. We suppose none of our protagonists were pure of heart after all. I refer to both Strange and The Watcher. Strange loses control of his power several times and The Watcher is just looking at the heroes as a means to an end. But what do you think of our analysis? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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