The Plan of Killmonger In What If Is Not As Good As Black Panther

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded up to unprecedented levels. We have some of the most iconic franchises reaching their culmination at the hands of Marvel. Fans expected things to be slowed down after the infinity saga but they have only ramped up. With the introduction of the multiverse, we have reached a point in the MCU where anything is possible. Take the later episode of What If…? For example. Killmonger executes a plan that makes him the undisputed King of Wakanda. But we think that the plan of Killmonger in What If cannot hold a candle to the plan in Black Panther.

Black Panther was an iconic movie because of the issues it raised. The movie highlighted the class struggles that African-Americans go through daily. Although, the solution that the movie offered was a bit radical than what most people would like to endorse. However, the highlight of this episode of What If…? Was certainly Erik Killmonger’s plan and the successful execution thereof.


Plan of Killmonger In What If

The plan starts with Killmonger taking his position beside Stark. You see, he had to get in the inner circle of Tony Stark, and the quickest way to do it was to save the man’s life. The timeline varies from the sacred timeline when Killmonger discovers the 10 rings’ plans to kidnap Tony Stark. On further investigation, Killmonger is able to determine that the plans are bankrolled by Obidiah Stane, Stark industries COO.


Plan Of Killmonger In What If …?

The details that are uncovered by Killmonger in What If…? Episode 6 are just too juicy to pass up. So the villain decides to use them to gain the confidence and trust of Stark. He starts by saving Tony from the missile that almost kills him in the sacred timeline. Then he takes the billionaire home and unveils the hidden agendas of Obidiah Stane. So, Stane is pushed out of the picture much sooner.


Once the true perpetrator is unmasked Erik quickly makes it to the inner circle of Tony Stark, which was his aim all along. N’Jadaka then uses this closeness to manipulate Tony into building his Liberator drones. Killmonger created the design for these drones as his MIT project but could never figure out the interface. However, Tony has Jarvis, and with an AI that powerful, nothing is impossible.


Once the drones are operational, the true colors of Killmonger surface. He lures Rhodey into a deal with Klaue. Unbeknownst to the soldier, Black Panther crashes the deal in an attempt to disrupt it. But the thing is, all of this was planned by Killmonger, who takes the opportunity to kill both Rhodey and T’Challa, sparking a war between America and Wakanda.


Plan of Killmonger In What If

Even the war is a ploy for which he kills Tony and then creates an army of Liberator drones which he promptly destroys to gain the trust of T’Chaka, the king of Wakanda. The plan was good and it was executed well. But we believe that the original plan from the Black Panther movie was much better than this one. Read on for a true comparison of both plans.


Black Panther Was Better

Although the plan from What If…? Was certainly more effective, the plan from Black Panther was better. We say this for two reasons. The first is that the Black Panther plan amounted to Killmonger showcasing his might to the entire country. He was not their savior or a messiah, he was their trueborn leader here to claim his birthright through power and battle.


The second is that the Black Panther plan did not involve Killmonger exposing himself to risks from enmity from Tony Stark. The only reason Killmonger prevails in a battle with Stark is that the latter did not create the Iron Man suit. Not only did Killmonger expose himself to unnecessary risk but he also made an enemy of the 10 rings which is never a good thing.


So the What If…? Plan was riskier and exposed Killmonger to more and more enemies. It is a miracle that it worked but it will not stay like that for long. Mainly because at the end of the episode, Shuri and Pepper have joined forces and their only aim is to destroy the lies that Killmonger has fed everyone.

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