Marvel Comics Update: The Hulk Is Now Immortal!!

The green raging giant and the beast that can bench press a planet is back to his old form in Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner aka the Incredible Hulk is back, ladies and gentlemen. And this time he packs a particularly special punch. The Hulk is immortal!!

The Hulk will return to mainstream Marvel Continuity with the Avengers #682. The story of his return will be explored in vivid detail within a fortnight’s time in the next Avengers #684. The issue will feature a 10 page story that will involve exploring the Hulk’s background prior to his return and the real secret to the Hulk’s supposed immortality. Marvel is pouring its focus completely on the ongoing “No Surrender” event. The highly acclaimed series will feature the eventual return of the Bruce Banner to his own solo series after a long time. Marvel Comics writers promise that the arc will be unlike any other Hulk or any other Avengers’ members’ solo arc story we have ever seen.

The Last few issues have been teasing the return o The Hulk to Marvel Comics. The Cosmic being known as the Challenger has given us an interesting plot twist. He is about to introduce his newest herald. The Hulk has made a bargain with the Cosmic Being which is explained by a fascinating monologue:

“Rage… Rage is silent. Rage is cold. Rage cannot be stopped. And it never. Ever. Dies.”

A truly terrifying line if you ask me. The Hulk is about to make a grand entrance into Marvel Comics. Hulk’s initial status quo has been changed forever. The ongoing “No Surrender” arc will see the Jade Giant come rampaging and pillaging through the Marvel Universe as he makes way for his solo arc. It seems like the Hulk’s story isn’t about to end for this, my friends, is just the beginning of a rather intriguing storyline.

In an interview with CBR, series writer Al Ewing and lead artist Joe Bennett say the Hulk will return to his Solo series after the ongoing No Surrender arc as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative. Ewing is taking a leaf from a classic Hulk line: ‘Is he man or monster… or is he both?’. The line hasn’t been new to being used as a template in storylines. The classic Hulk writer Peter David used it as a story background in his own Hulk stories in his yesteryears.

It is good to see Marvel is going back to its roots for making storylines. Like the way it used to. Hulk’s classic Jungian personality and mind was the reason it became a hit amongst the fans when it was first introduced into the comic book universe of Marvel. The Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde connection was given a better, interesting twist with the Hulk and it clicked with the fans. So to see writers go back to the basics, although some may say it might be too little too late, is a welcome gesture.

The story arc will feature a Hulk as he wanders the earth looking for peace and solitude from the worries of the world. The Hulk TV series could be the inspiration for this. As eponymous as this concept is, Ewing’s approach is even more astonishing. He has given his own twist to the tale, making the Hulk solo series a dark horror-thriller story arc. As to the Hulk’s newfound power of immortality, Ewing had this to say as to how the Hulk series could explain this ability to the readers. He says:

“Banner can die. The Hulk can’t. If you shoot Banner in the head – he’ll fall over dead. He’ll lie there all day, dead as dirt, growing cold, getting stiff… right up until the sun goes down. And then… well, night is the Hulk’s time.

And the Hulk remembers.”

To add Joe Bennett to the story arc as the lead artist is certainly a good call for Marvel. His mind bending artwork in Phoenix: Resurrection showed us a series of resurrections that eventually led to the rise of Jean Grey back from the dead. Apparently, Marvel is focusing a lot on ‘resurrecting’ its classic superheroes to lure more readers. Wolverine is back from the grave and he holds an Infinity Stone, Thor Odinson is back as the God of thunder and now Jean Grey, the original Phoenix, is back as well. The latest to join the fray is Bruce Banner who will now get to terrify us all with hi Immortal Hulk series.

Avengers #682 is up for sale in stores near you. You can also go for the digital print online.

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