Superheroes Who Have Their Own Original Netflix Shows

Introduction of Netflix:
Netflix is an international provider application that provides shows on demands.

Netflix provides DVDs. Netflix provides instant TV shows.  It is providing the great shows, Netflix is more than a one hit wonder.
“All the best heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” A superhero is one fight for the rights and against the crime and terrorist. These are some superheros who have should have their own original Netflix shows.

1. Batman


Batman is one of the famous superhero appear in American comic book published by DC comics. Batman was a young person named Bruce Wayne, who went to far east. Where he takes a training of martial arts by Henri Ducard.

He was a member of the mysterious League of Shadows, and make a plan to destroy the Gotham City, where the batman belongs. Batman returns to Gotham City and help the people without resorting to murder. With the help of his loyal butler Alfred and Lucius fox Batman born and become a hard and merciless crime fighters and saved his city and people.




When the planet Krypton destroys, there lived a scientist named Jor-El send his son Kal-El to the earth by spaceship, to safe their generation through him. Kal-El was founded by a kind couple Jonathan an Martha, they had no child. Kal-El start to live with them and grow up in the earth with ordinary people.

The people of Krypton came to know that Kal-El is alive and had powers, so they send their people to catch him. The war began and then superman used his powers to save him and his people of the world.

3. Spider Man


Spider man is another Netflix superhero. He was just a common man, named Peter Parker. Once a spider which was injected by some kind of scientist’s experiment, bite him. By his bite, he was also infected and got the powers of spider to build a spider net and could cling any surface. He uses his powers to fight against crimes. He believed his uncle’s words “with great power comes great responsibilities.”


4.Iron Man


Iron man was a great hero named Tony Stark. He was a billionaire industrialist and a genius inventor. He invents a great weapon for his government. But when terrorist came to know about his invention they kidnapped him and force him to build a devastating weapon. But instead of this he build an armored suit and use it to fight against crime and terrorism.

5. Hulk


Hulk is a famous hero named as Eric Bana. He is the person whose inner demon transforms after the personal experiments of the scientists, and in the result of experiments he become a green giant fight against crime.


Netflix Shows are the most famous shows, which attract the audience towards it. We have our best hero we love the most.

Aditya Goel

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