Black Panther Has Beaten The Dark Knight At Box Office

Black Panther is a revolution for Marvel! It has created history and broken countless records in every aspect. The movie has done remarkably well on all fronts and people have responded to this amazing flick in the way it deserves. Black Panther has been seen and loved by all, as it is the complete package of Action, Adventure, Drama, Emotion, and Humour.

It created the record of being the highest rated comic book movie among the critics as the movie had a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes which no comic book movie has ever had. But the amazing numbers it has turned up are at the Box Office! Whether you consider the Domestic Box office of the worldwide Box office numbers, the movie has been top notch in both aspects. It has created more records on the Domestic Box Office.

When the ticket Presales started, the movie analysts saw Black Panther earning a very good $90 Million within the first week of its release. As time passed, the analysis rose to $115 Million. But then, the number just kept op growing as the reports after that stated more than $150 Million, then $160, $170, $180, and then when the final count of the earnings at the first weekend for the movie came in, it blew everyone’s mind away with a huge $202 Million, standing only behind Marvel’s The Avengers in the comic book genre.

After that, there was no stopping this movie. It beat Justice League’s entire US box office run in just 4 days with a $14 Million Margin. And, it took no time to take down the entire worldwide box office run of Justice League which is $654 Million. Then it just kept on scratching big names of the list at the domestic as well as the worldwide Box Office.

It has hit $1 Billion in less than 4 weeks. Doing that, the movie has slashed some huge names that have done great at the box office, but did not manage to live up to the hype of the King of Wakanda. And still, the movie has legs to stand on and make at least $200 Million more. It currently stands at $1.07 Billion in total, and an estimated total at the US Box Office currently stands at $562 Million. Which means it has gone past all other comic book movies (except The Avengers) and some other huge names as well. It has beaten the likes of Captain America: Civil War that earned$408 Million, Iron Man 3, with $409 Million and Avengers: Age of Ultron which stood at $459 Million.

Now, it has outgrossed The Dark Knight that had the highest ever domestic earning for a solo superhero movie. The Dark Knight brought in $534 Million. So Black Panther is the highest earning solo Superhero movie of all time. Now it is expected to become the highest grossing Superhero movie of all time at the US Box Office beating even Marvel’s the Avengers which has an earnings of $623 Million. Remember that Avengers made this huge number within its entire box office run which lasted a little more than 3 months. Black Panther stands at $562 in just 4 weeks. So it will surely crush the Avengers.

black panther dark knight box office

It has not even left the Star Wars Franchise as it went past Rogue One that had a $532 Million domestic earning, and it has also gone past it worldwide as well. It will take down The Last Jedi as well, because the movie stands at $619 Million, and won’t be earning a lot from now on. The only movie that Black Panther might not be able to beat in any aspect is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The numbers for that movie are huge. But still, it has the capability of beating The Avengers at the worldwide Box office as well, and it will create history by being the highest grossing comic book movie of all time. The only big competitor that is expected to come in against this movie is Avengers: Infinity War. Still, Black Panther has at least 2 months left until its Box Office run ends, so let’s hope for the best.

Black Panther is currently running in theatres, go enjoy the movie and celebrate it.

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