8 Insane Twists In Upcoming MCU Movies That No One Will See Coming

MCU has been full of surprises till now and it has many more movies in play for Phase 3 and after that Phase 4 will be a new beginning with a lot of changes. Before assuming the change that will happen in Phase 4, there is a lot left to think about in Phase 3 itself. Here is a list of twists and surprise we might get the no one will be able to anticipate.

Thanos Wins the Infinity War

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Infinity War is going to be the biggest event to ever take place within the MCU and probably all the other movies relating to the Superhero genre. And Thanos has been promised as the best Villain we have ever seen. He will be the Darth Vader of this era. Now, we know that Avengers 4 is also in play after Infinity War and Thanos is going to do something really big in this movie but no one would expect that he will defeat the Avengers. Yes, he will because that is how the story would stretch to Avengers 4 and that is how the Avengers will be united to take him down in the 4th part.

Asgard is destroyed

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Due to the cynical acts of Loki, Hela, the Goddess of Death gets released and returns to Asgard to cause Ragnarok, which means Asgard’s destruction. Even though the movie is named Ragnarok, we were hoping that Asgard does not get fully wiped out and Thor manages to somehow save it, but it seems like Hela will cause mayhem and destroy it fully.

Hela is working with Thanos

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Marvel is keeping this part a real secret and we are not sure what Thanos’ real motivations are in order to destroy everything in the universe. Well, in the comics, he does that just to impress ‘Death’ who he truly loves. But, in the MCU, it seems like Hela, The Goddess of Death is actually of a version of ‘Death’ and influences Thanos to destroy everything after getting beaten by the God of Thunder.

Heimdall has the Soul Stone

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We did not see much of Heimdall in the trailers of Thor: Ragnarok that has released till now and it seems like he is in hiding in the movie. He seems to be having something big under his belt. Black Panther has been confirmed to not show an Infinity Stone and the only movie left before Infinity War is Ragnarok. So, we might get to see the introduction of the 6th Infinity Stone, i.e. the Soul Stone in this movie and Heimdall is probably the one who possesses it.

Nebula will kill Thanos

Well, this is what happened in the comics and we have only seen three characters who are really motivated to kill Thanos, which are Drax, Gamora, and Nebula. Drax kind of got his revenge when Ronan dies and even though he admits that it is really Thanos he wants to kill, we all know that the two sisters are more motivated than him to kill their father. Nebula’s whole life was tormented by Thanos so she is the one who deserves to kill Thanos more than anyone.

Bucky Will Lead the New Avengers

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We know that Chris Evans’ Contract will end after Avengers 4 and he might even die at the end. So, just like the comics, the mantle of Captain America will be taken up by someone else and there are two contenders for that, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. But, in the MCU, it is highly likely that Bucky becomes the new Captain America and he would be the leader of the New Avengers in Phase 4.

Black Widow Solo Movie in 2020

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s post-Avengers 4 future in shrouded in mystery, with MCU head Kevin Feige previously hinting that what follows may not be Phase 4. Whatever their planning to call this clutch of films, the inclusion of a Black Widow solo outing would surprise everyone, since Marvel has resisted the calls for one for so long. It could even be made as a prequel, as everyone wants to know what happened in Budapest. Hawkeye and Nick Fury could join Black Widow in the movie.

Nick Fury, A Skrull Agent

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It was revealed that Nick Fury will be a part of the Captain Marvel movie which is being set up in the 90s. the Skrulls are going to be the main Villains of the movie and this is the biggest twist that no one will ever see coming. What if the one responsible to form the Avengers was actually an agent of the Skrulls this entire time?? This makes sense totally as he, being the leader of SHIELD did not see HYDRA growing within. What if he was the one who caused it in the first place?

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