5 Superheroes That Have Protected Gotham Apart From Batman

Find out who the top five heroes are who have helped keep Gotham crimes a bay with Batman.
Batman has been defending the fictional city of Gotham for over 80 years. But the crime rate must be up because the city never seems to stop producing more criminal masterminds to put innocent people in peril. That’s why there are other superheroes in the DC Multiuniverse who can help the Caped Crusader in keeping the city clean of crime. Here are five superheroes who have also protected Gotham as well:

1) Nightwing:


Nightwing started out as Batman’s sidekick Robin but evolved into the new moniker. He is also the light which seems to keep Bruce Wayne/Batman from going down a darker path. As Dick Grayson, he is just an orphaned boy like Wayne but as Nightwing, he shows the leadership quality that even Batman cannot compare to. Nightwing is also the founding member and leader of the Teen Titans.

2) Batgirl:


Batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon is another teen sidekick of Batman. Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. After Batgirl becomes crippled by the Joker, she takes on the new moniker of Oracle. She becomes the go to master hacker and strategist who helps other superheroes in their fight for justice. She also becomes a member of Birds Of Prey.

3) Catwoman:

Catwoman has always worked for both sides of the law, that is, if it goes in line with her own set of codes. The master burglar has been known to be a wily ally to Batman as she has also been a mastermind criminal. She has helped Batman on many cases and has also been an on/off love interest to the caped crusader.

4) Batwoman:

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Batwoman a.k.a Kathy Kane was conceived after Batman and Robin are accused of having a gay relationship. She was first introduced as Batman’s love interest but is later declared as being a lesbian.She is also helped the Dark Knight in his many adventures.

5) Green Lantern:

Alan Scott a.k.a Green Lantern has defended Gotham since the 1940’s.Unlike Hal Jordan, his Green Lantern ring is fueled by magic and he is not associated with Green Lantern Corps.He is also a member of the Justice Society of America.

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