Spider-Man NWH: Why Mysterio Is So Important Even After His Death

The third movie in the original Spider-Man series tried to do a lot of different things and failed miserably. Then came the reboot in the form of The Amazin Spider-Man set of movies featuring Andrew Garfield. These too were scrapped after two movies. Sony has tried tirelessly to get to a point where they can effectively create a universe around Spider-Man but have failed in achieving this. Marvel, on the other hand, created an ethos with Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from home. However, the interesting part is that now everyone knows the secret identity of Peter Parker due to Mysterio. Even after his death, Quentin Beck could not help but create trouble. Here is why Mysterio is so Important even after his death for No Way Home.


The next movie of Spider-Man is set to feature all the old Spider-Men that came before Tom Holland. It is rumored (and observed from the leaked trailer) that No Way Home will have a plot revolving around the multiverse. Even more so, the plot is said to be loosely based on the events of Spiderverse in the comics. For non-comic readers, Spiderverse is the plotline where Spider-People from different universes combine forces to deal with multiversal threats. This is why the fans assume that No Way home will feature the old Spider-Men since we are unaware of any other versions of the hero in live-action. It will be interesting to see what the studio comes up with.

Mysterious Threat

The villain of Far From Home was Mysterio’s plan rather than his presence. His strategy was to tear down Tony Stark’s legacy and he did this by targeting Peter. He convinced Peter of his perceived incompetency and scammed him out of the E.D.I.T.H. glasses. Peter got wise to the plan soon and decided to reclaim Tony’s legacy. This plan did not go smoothly, it resulted in a very messy final battle in which a lot of people got hurt and a lot of drones got destroyed. But Peter finally came out on top as he beat Mysterio at his own game of subterfuge.

Why Mysterio Is So Important

However, Mysterio still had an ace up his sleeve. The villain posted a video after their fight which portrayed him being terrorized by Spider-Man. It was a completely fabricated and misconstrued version of the actual events but it is what got out to the public. You see, Mysterio was still believed to be a hero by the general masses so when the video went viral everyone started blaming Spider-Man. Another dastardly thing about the video was that Mysterio outed Spider-Man’s secret identity. This is where the after-credits scene ended but we are yet to realize the implication of this action.

Mysterio is a master strategist and this is revealed by his Modus Operandi. He has defeated Peter Parker even when the hero defeated him, and this is exceptional. But what is even more interesting is the fact that Mysterio is featured in the marketing materials of Spider-Man: No Way Home even after his death in Far from home. So, why  Mysterio is so important even in No Way Home? Is he still alive?

The Madness of Mysterio

His presence in the marketing material brings to light a very interesting prospect that we have not considered as of yet. You see, it was assumed that the third movie will revolve around the multiverse but now it is more likely that there will be some involvement from Mysterio. It is speculated that after the reveal of Peter Parker’s secret identity the general masses will be divided in their loyalties. They can either choose to believe Mysterio’s lies or they can choose to trust the explanation that Spider-Man gives. Either way, the divide is sure to threaten Peter’s reputability and respect.

Why Mysterio Is So Important

The marketing materials for the film indicate that Jake Gyllenhal will be part of the movie, at least in spirit. So it is possible that we will either get a multiversal version of Mysterio or we will get a flashback. Either way, it is highly likely that we will be made privy to new information regarding the original plan of Mysterio. We wonder what kind of development will become face to face with. Add upon this complexity the facet of a multiverse and you have a true disaster on your hands. A disaster that will test the limits of Peter Parker’s resolve.

Fire tests gold, suffering tests brave men. What do you think about this conjecture about Mysterio? Do you think it holds some water or does it sound like unsubstantiated conjecture? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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