10 Bad Movies That Spoiled Amazing Concepts

Hollywood has been around for generations now and then, there is always someone new on the block wanting to try something new. There have been several scripts that have been cheap rip-offs. Some have etched a mark in a stone tablet, marking their spot in the history of Hollywood. The reason some of these movies become successful is because of the script. But a maximum number of times it’s the director and the cast that spin the real magic and can make even the worst script into the best motion picture. Moreover the same is possible the other way around as well, there are moments when the best pitch for a movie is often ruined either by bad direction or by bad acting. Either way both of these skills may try their best to save the script, but the majority of the time it does not come to a nice product. Here is a list of movies with a good pitch, but bad execution.

Suicide Squad

The idea behind Suicide Squad was to gather the meanest villains of the DCEU and form a team to go against bad guys. In return for reduced jail time and other favors. The thing which went wrong in the movie, was the executive board of the DCEU, trying to tell the writer how to write the script. In the end, it was all a big mashup of colluded stories and the addition of popular music in a vague attempt to make the movie work.

The Island

The movie witnesses the plot being set up in a post-apocalyptic earth, where a group of survivors are trying to survive and stumble upon the opportunity to go to the island. The island is the only open-air space left on earth away from the contamination and the struggle the group has to face. The direction by Michael Bay was predicted to deliver the movie of the year, but the movie felt like a mix of popular sci-fi movies like Run, Blade Runner, and many more. The direction was so colluded and complex, the final product did not find many followers.


The idea of an individual with superpowers, going on a rampage across the city because he abused alcohol seems like the perfect black superhero movie to be launched. But that is today, way back in 2008 it was a blunder in the making, with several even looking at it as discrimination towards the Black community in the world. The movie started solid, but somewhere in the middle the plot lost its simple touch and made the entire story pretty complex through numerous revelations.


transcendence tamil dubbed movie download

The movie showcases how an AI scientist is physically wounded and to survive his consciousness is uploaded in a quantum computer, to help him survive physical death. It is later on revealed in the movie, how the director portrayed the plot and the lack of sense the actors were missing. In one scene the sectors are shown explaining the internet and how it operates, which even for a sci-fi genre does not make any sense.

Truth or Dare

The movie is based on the plot of teenagers being killed by a mysterious entity, for not telling the truth or completing a dare. The plot hits rock bottom when the entire movie becomes an attempt to pass of the movie as a PG13 movie, rather than a murderous thriller. The plot does not support the script and the direction kind of ruins the whole movie too.


The movie witnesses a washed-up inventor and a hopeful teenager, venture into Tomorrowland that is a futuristic society with secrets to the future of humanity. The movie goes for a twirl when the director decides to keep Clooney off-screen for almost an hour of the entire movie duration and even when he returns the movie is still bland and lifeless. The director is unable to reprimand any further plot holes to fill up the movie and ends up finishing it with a vague end.

Terminator Salvation

The movie was being looked up as the battle between Skynet and the resistance but ended up being a movie filled with the revelation which did not make any amends in connecting to the previous 3. The plot went on to show how the machines were planning to infiltrate the human ranks, which was already spoiled during the marketing of the movie.

The One

James Wong’s production with the one-man army guy, Jet Li was being marketed as a massive blockbuster. In the plot we witness Jet-Li as an inter-dimensional cop, traveling to all the 124 dimensions that he knows of and kills his alternate versions. While he does that, he gains power from each version of himself that he kills. His motive is to kill all 123 versions of himself and be the last one standing, possessing god-like powers. All this while the concerned time-traveling authorities led by Jason Statham try to take him in custody. The only thing that seemed wrong about the movie was a senseless action-packed production that majorly concentrated on the martial arts and the CGI effects to make the movie a little more exciting. The director banked a bit too much in the tech instead of working on the plot and try to extrapolate Jet Li’s and Statham’s acting skills to their complete potential.


The plot revolved around the concept of a ship carrying 5000 colonizers to a distinct planet in the universe. It is during this voyage space suffers damage from a passing asteroid belt and one of its occupants is woken 90 years early from the estimated time. The latter Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) falls for another passenger and wakes Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) up without her consent. The movie falls apart as the truth is revealed to Aurora and she is infuriated with Jim. But, during this phase, the damage suffered by the ship earlier intensifies and results in waking up the captain of the Ship. From there on it is a spiral down with no base to the story and the director forcing Aurora and Jim into a romantic truce. Even the actors Chris and Jennifer were able to much justice to the movie and towards the end just disappeared from the story.


The plot revolved around married couples and families getting themselves shrunken down as a part of a social experiment to escape the financial obligations of the society. The movie witnesses Paul and Audrey Safranek (Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig) planning to go through the downsizing and then out of the blue Audrey backing up in the last moment and Paul get stuck alone and downsized. The movie was expected to be a contender for the best movie, but somewhere along the way missed its mark.

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