Massive New Weapons Revealed For Iron Man’s Infinity War Suit

Avengers Infinity War as we know is the most anticipated movie of this year and it is not too far away from us. In next three months, we will get to see the movie along with the insane things it has in store for us. The hype for the movie is huge as it is the biggest Superhero ensemble ever seen on the big screen. But, one of the reasons for which the excitement to a level high is because of the insane new Armour Iron Man is bringing into the mix. This new suit has abilities and weapons that we have never seen in the MCU till now.

It is almost a decade now since first Iron Man movie came out in 2008 which set up the MCU which is this massive comic-book undertaking now. Nobody could have imagined that Iron Man from Marvel comics could be capable of lifting the entire MCU on his shoulders. He is the most admired and recognized superhero in the whole Marvel universe. Through the last 10 years, we have seen the evolution of his armor and with each and every movie, it keeps surprising us.

The suit used to be a lot bulkier in the phase 1 movies. Phase 2 brought in more sleek looking armors which resembled the advanced tech being put into the suits. In Infinity War, we are going to see an armor which is really sleek and more closer to Tony’s body than ever. The new Super Bowl TV spot for Infinity War showed a lot in just 30 seconds and it also gave us a fair bit of look at Tony Stark’s new suit and possibly the tech behind the suit as well. Right into the trailer, we get a shot of Iron Man wearing his new suit, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man who is wearing his Iron Spider suit in this scene.

As we can see, the suit looks to be quite sleek and close to the body as compared to the suits which used to be quite bulky. This again brings up a theory which is being teased throughout the internet for quite a while. In the spot, we then get a look at Tony Stark meeting with Banner and he is wearing a Black and orange clothing with a new arc reactor stuck onto the shirt he is wearing.

Well, there has been a lot of speculation around the suit as we believe that this time, the entire suit will actually come out of his arc reactor which we have seen is attached to the cool looking outfit we saw him wearing on the sets of Infinity War and in the trailers as well. Most people believed that this Black and Orange suit was actually some kind of mo-cap CGI suit when they first saw it in the set images. But as we have seen Tony wearing it in both these trailers, it has been proven that it is a special suit that provides Tony Stark with new abilities.

The next scene we see Tony in this new spot probably proves this theory as Iron Man new armor looks to be shaping around his body in a way that we have never seen before. It presumably is coming out of his arc reactor as talked about above.


As mentioned in our earlier articles, Tony will probably retrieve this amazing technology from Wakanda, as we have seen in the Black Panther trailers that Shuri comes up with this micro-technology and T’Challa’s new Black Panther suit appears out of his necklace and shapes around his body.

Now, moving aside from the technicalities of the suit and how it works, we will be seeing a lot of new weapons that have been added to the suit as well. Earlier concept arts of the film revealed that this time, Iron Man’s suits will look different than normal, as we’ll be seeing huge cannons, repulsors and Jet packs coming out of the suit.

Now, the packing of an action figure that has come into the market a new weapon from this out of the world suit. This packing shows the figure having weapons on top of Iron Man’s Shoulders. I am going to call these his shoulder Repulsor weapons for now, as we don’t have the proper idea to what exactly will these do. They either seem to be firing sonic waves or shock waves or immensely high energy beams. Well, whatever this is, it looks incredible.

Avengers Infinity War hits the theatres on May 4.

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