15 Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

Your country and your religion run in your blood. Your country evokes a sense of pride and dignity. A lot of times when I go to the movies, they play the national anthem and I’m certain that you get the goosebumps too like I do. A sense of immense honor and love prevails. Our country is our identity as a citizen. When a cricket match or a badminton match is underway we laud our players in the stadium and many times cheer from our living rooms, workplaces etc. A scuffle here and a skirmish there with the neighborhood and we raise our eyebrows to it in distaste. Patriotism comes from within. This sentiment is bagged by filmmakers who transform nationalism into movies worth watching. Bollywood is filled with movies on patriotism. Bollywood Movies On Patriotism are listed here for your viewing pleasure:

 1. Haqeeqat

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

This is a momentous saga about our soldiers in the Indo China war of 1962. The melodious song “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon” is revered even today.

 2. Anand Math

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

Based on the sanyasi rebellion in late 1700 with the hit song “Vande Mataram” which became an anthem for all.

 3. Shaheed

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

This movie is about the life and sacrifice of Shaheed Bhagat Singh portrayed by Manoj Kumar. The movie won a national award in 1965.

 4. Upkaar

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The movie is based on the farmers and the soldiers of the country, directed and portrayed by Manoj Kumar. The movie has cult status with hit song “Mere Desh Ki Dharti”.

 5. Purab Aur Paschim

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

Directed by Manoj Kumar this movie showed the cultural difference between our culture and the west. The movie was a hit with all.

 6. Prahaar

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

Released in 1991 and directed by the fiery Nana Patekar touched the sensibilities of the countrymen.

 7. Roja

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

Dubbed in Hindi from Tamil this movie was a super hit. The movie spoke about patriotism in the backdrop of terrorism.

 8. Border

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The Longewala battle in the 1971 Indo-Pak war brought to the big screen by J P Dutta was the biggest hit of 1997. Thrilling action accompanied by melodious music was its forte.

 9. Sarfarosh

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

A movie from the perfectionist Aamir Khan dealt with the nexus of rotten elements within India and enemies across the border who were weakening and endangering us.

 10. Lagaan

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The box-office hit about a village facing severe drought and taxes imposed by the British and how a game of cricket changes their luck.

 11. Lakshya

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The movie that lauded the valor of the Indian armed forces and encouraged today’s youth to join the Defense Forces of India. 

 12. Swades

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The movie was a call to all those Indians to come back to their motherland and help in its growth and development. Starring Shahrukh Khan the movie was able to shake many beliefs.

 13. LOC Kargil

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The movie was based on the Kargil War of 1999 against Pakistan and covered the heroic feats of the Indian soldiers.

 14. Rang De Basanti

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The movie stirred nationalism to the core in the Indian Youth.

 15. Chak De India

Bollywood Movies on Patriotism

The true story of a hockey protagonist who trains a winning hockey women’s team and vindicates himself with the team’s victory.

There have been many others that have ruffled the nationalists in us and will keep doing so. These movies make us realize our love for our motherland.

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