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First Look At The Flash Movie’s Villain Revealed In Merch Photos

The upcoming release of The Flash movie has had fans buzzing with excitement, as it promises the return of beloved characters and major implications for the DC universe. However, the film’s complex time-and-universe-centric plot is not being talked about as much as the exciting cameos and major implications. Within the storyline lies a terrifying-looking The Flash movie’s villain that, until recently, had only been seen in leaks and rumors. Dubbed “Dark Flash” by various leaked merchandise images, this character appears to be a darker, grittier version of Barry Allen, and his inclusion will help tell the Flashpoint-inspired story.

DC has recently confirmed that a “Dark Flash” of some kind will indeed be appearing in the film, thanks to newly released official merchandise. McFarlane Toys has released new seven-inch figures inspired by June’s The Flash film, revealing the first official look fans have at the movie’s villain Dark Flash. The figure is intricately designed, down to the tendrils adorning the character’s suit and the screaming facial expression. The copper and gold accents highlighted on the black suit contrast sharply with Barry Allen’s Scarlet Speedster costume, inevitably allowing for a visually stunning protagonist-antagonist-color palette.


Notably, this official listing and merchandise of Dark Flash is the first time DC has revealed the character’s place in the June Flash film. It seems as though Dark Flash will prove a worthy opponent to Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, given the intricate design of the toy. Moreover, the inclusion of Dark Flash in this toy collection suggests that he will not be merely secondary to the film’s established villain, General Zod, but a key player in the film’s story himself.


Based on the trailer, rumors, and the inclusion of Dark Flash, it is becoming increasingly likely that a Flashpoint-inspired story is what fans can expect in The Flash. In the Flashpoint comic story, it essentially came down to Reverse Flash; however, in the new movie, Dark Flash will take center stage. With the film’s involvement of the Justice League, time-travel-focused plot, and multiversal shenanigans, Flashpoint is becoming a clearer and clearer inspiration to The Flash as more information is revealed.


Dark Flash also balances the stakes a little more than the trailer indicates. The trailer shows Batman and two Flashes and Supergirl working together, a team that seems very hard to beat. However, having two major villains in the film ups those stakes, making the outcome of the movie that much more unpredictable. The excitement surrounding the film’s release is palpable, particularly with the return of beloved characters such as Michael Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

Keaton’s return as Batman has sparked rumors of a Batman Beyond film, adding to the anticipation for The Flash. The inclusion of Dark Flash in the movie’s plot is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats, and his appearance in official merchandise is a thrilling glimpse into what’s to come. It is no wonder that fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Flash, set to hit theaters on June 16.


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