The Batman First Look at the Bat-Suit Reveals a Lot of Story Details

We’ve finally got the first look at the new Bat-Suit from The Batman. It may not strike as the best suit at the first glance, but if you get into the details and analyze what Matt Reeves is trying to do, you’d surely end up liking the suit and the whole vision behind it. Take a look at the suit that Matt Reeves has shared:

Let’s start with the thing that I wanted and didn’t get – The Cowl. What I wanted in the new cowl is a chin piece. Robert Pattinson has the perfect jawline for Batman and a chin-piece on the cowl would have looked real nice. For something so common with the animated version of Batman and most of the recent games, it has never been done in a movie. But now that I know we’re not getting a chin-piece this time either, let’s analyze the rest of the suit and see how Matt Reeves has got it just about perfect.

First Look at The Batman Bat-Suit

Reeves is going for a dark gritty noir-Batman which is set very much in the real world. It is even more real-worldly than Christopher Nolan’s Batman. You could actually say that it lies somewhere between a cosplay and fiction. If you look at the cowl, you could see that it is hand stitched like someone actually make it at home. The cowl has a lot of resemblance to Netflix’s Daredevil, but what’s great is that the inspiration behind this cowl is also to honor Adam West’s Batman.

We don’t yet see the ears of Batman. All the Batmen in the 90s had extremely long ears for having more of a theatrical touch. Batfleck’s ears were on the shorter side (a little too short for my liking but still it was different). Christopher got the ears just about right. Now Battinson might have ears that are as long as Nolan’s Batman.

First Look at The Batman Bat-Suit

Coming to the collar and the cape. The collar is a new addition to the bat-suit and it’s totally amazing. It’s quite subtle and we’re glad that the creatives didn’t go too overboard with the collar. The Cape also looks very real. These are inspired by the story – Gotham by Gaslight which is a period based story where Batman does a lot of detective work to catch a serial killer. Matt Reeves also wants to establish his Batman as the world’s number one detective. Rumor has it that The Batman will also be a murder mystery. So, the Gotham by Gaslight inspiration is on point.

Then we could to the shoulder blades and the armor on the chest. The armor is much more hardened than what Christian Bale wore, and it is still lighter in weight than Ben Affleck’s tactical suit. This armor is an inspiration from Arkham Knight. It isn’t as mechanized as the game, but this is where the modern approach comes into this suit. All in all, this suit is a mix of everything – the retro & the modern. The blend of traditional & the latest is what makes it unique.

Now let’s get to the best part about the suit and that’s the Bat-Symbol. It looks like Battinson has forged the handgun of Joe Chill as a Bat-sign. Joe Chill is the one who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents. The killing of his parents is what transformed Bruce into Batman. So it’s like Batman is wearing vengeance on his chest. Nice!!

First Look at The Batman Bat-Suit

We’re quite excited for this Batman story. Because of the real worldly approach that Matt Reeves has, this Batman would never cross with the DCEU. It will be its own separate trilogy based on Batman and the Bat-family. And those who are unhappy with the suit. Don’t worry. The Batman will only follow the story of Batman from his second year of crime fighting. This is just the first prototype suit. This suit will definitely evolve into something better by the second and the third films. Now that we’re done with the suit, let’s wait for the Batmobile, the Batcycle, and the Bat-plane!

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