10 Secret Quotes: Rhonda Byrne

Everyone wants to be happy, successful, wealthy, healthy, and what not. Some of us achieve that and some of us don’t. Did you ever think the reason behind this? Well, you might feel they are lucky and you are not and that’s the point where you are wrong. You are responsible for what is happening in your life. If you want to call it a bad luck, then you are the one who attracted that bad luck into your life. If you have read “The secret”, you already know what I am talking about. If you have not read it, then go through these 10 secret quotes (there are more quotes) given by Rhonda Byrne



Yes, we do, we really do. Try and think of anything small to start with. And you will be amazed.


Try doing this and you would eventually feel the difference.


That’s true, if you are not grateful for what you have, you can never appreciate anything that you want to have in the near future. Start appreciating and see the magic.


You have read it right. “Hopeless” does not exist in the dictionary of the Universe. Just believe in it and you will see the change.


So, think twice before complaining about someone or talking about someone who is negative. Because then you are commanding the Universe to bring that for you. And the Universe is very obedient.


The Universe does not hear “not”. So, if you want to be happy then don’t say that “I don’t want to be sad” because then the Universe only hears “sad”. So, if you would say “I can do it”, the Universe will make it happen and if you would say “I can’t”, the Universe will obey that as well.


You need to have that belief that you have already received the gift from the Universe and that you own it.


For all those who feel you cannot have the perfect body weight, you are absolutely right. And the reason is you are the one who is commanding the Universe to make it happen that way.


Start imagining things that you want as if you already own it and leave the rest to the Universe.


The Law of Attraction and that’s the………..


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