GOTG 3 Characters: A Long-Awaited Character Could Finally Make Debut

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been highly anticipated by Marvel fans, and with its release in May 2023 as part of the MCU’s Phase 5, the film promises to bring both familiar and new characters to the forefront. One of the newcomers is Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary, a Marvel villain known for conducting experiments on lower life forms to enhance evolution with the ultimate goal of transforming all of humankind. In GOTG Vol. 3, Rocket will be revealed as one of the High Evolutionary’s subjects, but this could also see the introduction of one of Marvel’s strangest heroes as one of the GOTG 3 Characters: Beta Ray Bill.

Since his giant, statuesque head appeared on the Grandmaster’s tower of champions in Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel Studios’ fans have been waiting patiently for the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill in the MCU. Created by Walt Simonson, Beta Ray Bill debuted in Marvel Comics’ 1983 run of The Mighty Thor #337, originally as an adversary to Thor, but eventually becoming a staunch ally. Many hints have been given for Beta Ray Bill’s MCU introduction since Ragnarok, particularly with the creation of Stormbreaker in Avengers: Infinity War, as the ax, is more closely associated with Bill in the comics.



In trailers for GOTG Vol. 3, the High Evolutionary has been made to seem like a background character, while Adam Warlock appears to be stepping up as the film’s primary villain. Even so, the titular heroes will find themselves on the High Evolutionary’s Counter-Earth, a world filled with his successful experiments, and the seeds are being planted for the High Evolutionary to become a major player in the future of the MCU. The High Evolutionary’s connection to Rocket will help to solidify his place in the MCU, and his potential experiments on Beta Ray Bill could bring about the debut of one of Marvel’s most powerful and surprising heroes.


Beta Ray Bill’s introduction could be a significant turning point for the MCU, as he could become a new member of the Guardians team, fighting alongside characters such as Kitty Pryde, Ant-Man, the Thing, and Cosmic Ghost Rider, as seen in Donny Cates’ run of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. In the lead-up to the live-action adaptation of Avengers: Secret Wars in the MCU’s Phase 6, Beta Ray Bill could play a critical role. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 marks the final adventure for the current roster of the Guardians team, as Dave Bautista has confirmed this will be his last MCU project as Drax, and speculation has been rising about other potential deaths in the upcoming film.


While several beloved MCU characters will be leaving the franchise in James Gunn’s next MCU feature, other significant characters from Marvel Comics will be introduced in their place. Along with Will Poulter’s debut as Adam Warlock, MCU newcomer Chukwudi Iwuji will be starring as the High Evolutionary. In Marvel Comics, Beta Ray Bill was the first character not from the Norse pantheon that was revealed to be worthy enough to lift Mjolnir, although this was related to the character’s willingness to kill using the formidable weapon.


A character this powerful deserves a proper adaptation into live-action, especially after years of being teased. If he’s revealed to be a product of the High Evolutionary’s experiments, this would confirm the extent of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s villain’s sinister ambitions. It’s common knowledge that this upcoming MCU movie will be the final adventure for James Gunn’s Guardians team since Gunn will be separating himself from Marvel Studios to focus on the new DCU.

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