2 New Na’vi Cultures To Be Introduced In Avatar 3

Avatar 3 is set to explore new Na’vi cultures, according to Jon Landau, who led a Q&A session during a press event to celebrate the digital release of Avatar: The Way of Water. Landau also revealed that the Metkayina will continue to play a crucial role in the Avatar story, despite the introduction of new cultures. Landau explained that in each Avatar movie, new biomes and cultures are introduced, which means that new characters are also brought into the story.

However, this does not mean that old cultures are lost. Instead, they continue to be part of the canon that has been created. In Avatar 3, at least two new Na’vi clans will be introduced culturally. In the first two Avatar movies, we were introduced to the Omatikaya and the Metkayina, but it seems that this was just the tip of the iceberg. The third installment will introduce more Na’vi cultures and likely new Pandora biomes. Each culture will have adapted to a different type of environment and developed its customs around its home.


Landau’s comments about the Metkayina’s story continuing are also intriguing, especially since the Omatikaya were largely absent from the story after the Sully family left. James Cameron has hinted at the Ash People, who represent the fire Na’vi in Avatar 3. He has suggested that the new movie will explore a darker side of the Na’vi, which is something that has not been explored in the first two films. This could mean that the harsh environment of the Ash Na’vi, perhaps near active volcanoes, has created a more brutal Na’vi culture.


The Omatikaya and Metkayina were largely isolated from each other, having only heard of each other, but it did not seem like they had ever connected before the Sully family arrived. If the Ash Na’vi are meant to show a darker side of the Na’vi, it is possible that they will not only attack humans but also other Na’vi, which could cause some cultures to remain isolated even as their planet is ravaged. It is still unclear how these new cultures and biomes will fit into the story, particularly given that the Sully family has already accepted their place among the Metkayina. One possibility is that Jake is trying to build an army to fight off the humans who have decided to take Pandora by force.


Whatever happens, it is clear that Avatar 3 will take us even deeper into the world of Pandora and the Na’vi.

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