QB Short Stories

  • Photo of The Girl Friend [Part 1]

    The Girl Friend [Part 1]

    It’s human to make mistakes. The wise learn from their mistakes and the foolish repeat it. But then there are people like me who do learn but still repeat the same mistake. Yes, we are a rare breed and this is my story. In the fag end of my schooling, I used to be a very notorious guy. An interaction…

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  • Photo of How About Challenging Truth?

    How About Challenging Truth?

    The change of colors that we see in the sky throughout the day is a proof that nothing in this world is constant or permanent; some had argued. The nights that have passed since then have made me wonder if that was really true. I remember staying up all day and all night for such a long time, trying to…

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  • Photo of Baba Raised Me Well

    Baba Raised Me Well

    “One day, you will know the value of handwritten letters. One day, you will realize how beautiful it feels to sit down in one place and put all your scattered thoughts down on paper for someone. One day, you will know how amazing it feels to write something in your own handwriting and wait for that one person to read…

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  • Photo of Late


    “Beta, can you please get my medicines from the chemist”, yelled Sagar’s mother, her voice just slightly louder than the noisy kitchen exhaust fan. “Yes maa, I will go in a while.. god..chill please”, he bellowed back. “Ok beta”, said his mother and continued to wash the dishes with a smile on her face. Her son was twenty years old…

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  • Photo of Indebted To Honor

    Indebted To Honor

    “I was partially unconscious the first time I saw her. It was her voice that woke me up, from a little distance. I just looked at her in one glance and the next moment I fell back to the ground. I was badly wounded. The war was getting onto us. Being an army man myself, I couldn’t do anything for…

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  • Photo of Chairs


    Sitting cross-legged across the table they were hesitant to make eye contact and even more shy to smile. Reading the first item in the starters, over and over again made them well versed in spelling than the actual dish, they couldn’t find any other option and can’t read any other word. Legs were miles apart but toes were battling to…

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  • Photo of And Once Again, History Will Repeat Itself

    And Once Again, History Will Repeat Itself

    “It wouldn’t matter a few years later honey. Maybe it would but it wouldn’t hurt this much.” I lied to her. I have been in love with this one woman for over fifteen years and I know it for sure that I’ll love her till the day I die. To be honest, though, I think I might love her even…

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  • Photo of The Forbidden Wish List

    The Forbidden Wish List

    I kept walking around in the house like a loon in the dark evening for she was asleep and the dogs were out with the kids. Just roaming around in my own house, I landed up entering the one room that was forbidden to all of us. That was the smallest one in the house. It was a really tiny…

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  • Photo of Because To Everyone, It’s Just A Message. To Me, It’s The Truth!

    Because To Everyone, It’s Just A Message. To Me, It’s The Truth!

    “It wasn’t really too hard to believe when I fell in love with you. It wasn’t really too hard to believe when I started picturing my future with you. It wasn’t really hard to believe when I realized I wanted to grow old with you and spend each special moment with you until we finally die but it really was…

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  • Photo of CUT


    “Cut along the vein, not across. That way it will be quicker”. The words echoed in his head. He would hold the blade in his hand yet it would never touch his bare skin. “Cut along the vein, not across…” the words kept echoing in his head. His friend Ravi had spoken these words to him. After all, Ravi was…

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  • Photo of The Letter

    The Letter

    “She wrote you a letter.” He came into my study, while I was sitting there alone, this evening and handed me the letter. It was an old paper. Not that the letter was old enough but it was written on an old piece of paper. The ones that had no lines of ink on them to guide us how to…

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  • Photo of Late Nights And Early Mornings

    Late Nights And Early Mornings

    *The late nights and early mornings will pay you off one day.* From the moment we are all born, the people around us from certain dreams for us. They set some paths for us in their minds and try to shape us that way as we grow up. Rarely do people exist who let us build our own curvatures, our…

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  • Photo of What Love Did, Love Never Could

    What Love Did, Love Never Could

    “Every night, every single night, she will give in. Not because she is made to by force, but because she is made to by love.” Isn’t that just extremely stupendous? Well, to some, it will be something too romantic to know, to see there exists a girl, so deeply in love, that she would do anything he’d want her to,…

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  • Photo of The Hand That Spoke

    The Hand That Spoke

    “What? Do I look like an idiot?” I said in anger. “No Daju but it is true” He insisted I was on a vacation in Tawang, the highest peak point of Arunachal Pradesh. And was on a regular, early morning jogging session when I came across him, a medium height, fair skinned guy.  When you see a person, in a…

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  • Photo of The Wind Spells a ‘YES’

    The Wind Spells a ‘YES’

    Sometimes, for a specific few, the sky snows amidst the fall of autumn. For some, there pours rain beneath the burning sun of summer too. Feet burning or bodies dripping does not bother the hearts clinging. Together, for at everything that it takes is worth it. The smiles that you get to witness after the little court-trial are worth the…

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  • Photo of The Treat for Good Marks

    The Treat for Good Marks

    This morning, in the park, I saw a little girl playing with her mother. She is four years old. A while later, her sister came around, who is eight. I have been seeing these girls since the little one was born. London, my dream city. I shifted here five years back. Since then I’ve been living alone. I’m not as…

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  • Photo of Irony And Surprise

    Irony And Surprise

    “Laziness, the music that hit the eardrums and the stars too are all in unison tonight. This seems like a perfect a night to write everything that I have wished to. Since writing something is just like talking your heart to someone, it gives pleasure. More than that, it states one sort of satisfaction that there isn’t a mind that…

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  • Photo of When Stories Unfold Stories

    When Stories Unfold Stories

    *Sometimes, we read a story, we feel related to it and it so happens that we fall in love with the story.  The obsession, however, comes from a point where we see ourselves in it.* I didn’t understand what was making her say those words, but I sure knew that something was wrong that was making her say those things.…

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  • Photo of The Tangled Escape

    The Tangled Escape

    Thrice, in one single day, have I felt that I am extremely difficult to be understood. We spend at least one-third of our lives, looking for people who understand us and won’t hurt us. Another one-third is spent getting comfortable with the ones we find if at all find those. The remaining time we get is a mixture of happiness…

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  • Photo of Returns of the Lost Ones

    Returns of the Lost Ones

    “It isn’t the first time that I would be transforming him into words. That’s certainly what I’m best at. As a consequence, I end up doing that, most of the times. After a lot of things that had happened, hope was fading its colors in my painting. Strange enough to the fact that it had been the strongest color in…

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  • Photo of Almost – 1.0

    Almost – 1.0

    “You are again late, why did you even bother to wake up?” Mr. Banarjee was frowning at Sameer Srivastava, everybody knew him as Sam. He arrived in the first lecture on his usual time which was 10 minutes late. He is 5ft 11” tall, fair complexion and has a good athletic physique. It seemed that he didn’t get a haircut…

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                                    *Stay,            Under the lighted street,                                 Stay,             Where our eyes can meet,            …

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  • Photo of The Birthday Without Her!

    The Birthday Without Her!

    Deja-vu! A concept that all of us have been hearing about, reading about or talking about since the time we were all little children. We have never known the entire truth about it. That is quite expected for we all know that to be insightful about something completely, we must have an experience with that. Unless we experience something, we…

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  • Photo of Beauty of the Truths that Lies Define

    Beauty of the Truths that Lies Define

    *The one thing I feared was to have moments so beautiful that they might be cherished, however, vulnerable too.* We did come across such a moment. When everything was just so extremely beautiful and for what we thought, it couldn’t get any better, life decided to surprise us. It did get better. So much so, that for once, I could…

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  • Photo of Parting on the One-Way Street

    Parting on the One-Way Street

    I had no idea about how people parted ways with each other for real. It’s so difficult for me to say a goodbye for one evening to a special person even when I know that we’d be meeting the very next day. Goodbyes, really, are hard. I used to listen to people say these things, maybe I’ve been through it…

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  • Photo of The Symphonies of Rock Music

    The Symphonies of Rock Music

    It was a usual day, the usual morning, the usual way to college, the usual lectures, the usual conversations and another person I met casually, just like any other. I never knew a person like him but when I met him, there wasn’t anything special about it. Just how you meet new people every now and then, I met him…

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    “Dear Ma, On the platform that day, I had seen her. She was reading the book ‘The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.’ I really hate that one. I just can not stand people who like that book. She was reading it so intently, I could not help but notice that she was in tears, at a public place. How could someone…

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  • Photo of The Definitive Background!

    The Definitive Background!

    “Sometimes, when the oceans turn white, dreams flow in with those waves leaving the blues of worries in the background.” He was in a philosophical nature that night. It had been two years since we had all been together the last time. It was so much fun. The talks that we had been sharing were so different than what we…

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    “Religion or humanity, terror strikes everybody down. It kills the ones who were from the very religion being fought for, along with the ones who were nothing but humans.” I heard her say those words very bluntly. It seemed like there was so much of emotion in her heart that it did not even pour out of it. It was…

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  • Photo of Erased!


     “It is all in the mind” read the last line. Maya stared at those words and slowly closed the book. Does it really apply? She thought to herself as she looked out of the window. It had stopped raining but given to Manali’s usual temperature, people were freezing. This was one of the reasons Maya stopped by the coffee house…

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  • Photo of Daughter of War

    Daughter of War

    Shivya got up late this morning. Her coffee is nowhere to be seen, the regular hustle bustle of the house was settled like sand in water. It’s not usual, in her fourteen years or shall I say, eight or nine years because rest were wrapped up in a blanket of pre-childhood phase which she might not remember. Yes, so in…

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  • Photo of THE KEY CLUE


    “How hard do you think, will I try to persuade you not to kill me?” “Not very hard, I suppose.” “Why would you think I won’t plead for you not to murder me?” “You aren’t doing it.” ************ Dear Clare 1st January 1990 That was the last we had as a conversation. I haven’t seen him after that. I know…

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  • Photo of The INTERVIEW


    The clock struck 12, it was noon now. But what mattered more than that was after a few minutes, she would be encountered with a long list of questions, one after another. It was her first interview to a real professional world. The world where she has never lived in, where there was no space for her innocence and chastity.The…

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  • Photo of Nights Lead to Mornings

    Nights Lead to Mornings

    It is strange how there can be an outburst of numerous emotions on a silent night. Night, the time of retrospection, recollection, reconciliation, realization and reasoning. It is a time to think on wider aspects and possibilities. Silently, when everybody around is busy dreaming about fairyland or having a nightmare, you dive in reality to re-check the things done and…

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  • Photo of Demons


      Wang mo sat on the pouffee as she dozed. She swayed dangerously, about to be unseated from her warm spot, when she jolted awake from her slumber. Her mother had started spitting again. This time it was a pregnant woman. “Thu thu thu thu thu thu thu thu…,” her ama la went on, cupping the woman’s face in the…

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  • Photo of THE GHAGRA


      The Himachal Roadways bus ran at a rollicking pace as its passengers fell to and fro, some of the less experienced ones almost spilling out of the cracked windows. The dangerous wiggling path seemed to hold the hill in a vice-like grip through layers and layers of coil, a serpent created by the British and battered by the Indians.…

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  • Photo of A Trip Down Memory Lane

    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    It was 4 in the morning when my eyes opened up… I vividly remember the sound of ‘Ghanta’ and ‘Hulahuli’ as the surrounding reverberated with the enchanting sounds of Sadhus and women emitting a deafening aura of pure faith. The din ringed in my ears. I kept my eyes open as I got used to the darkness around. The dream…

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  • Photo of The Remembrance

    The Remembrance

    I stood heaving near my new apartment’s door, one hand on my waist and the other on the wall for support. It was the third time in one year that I had shifted my room again and the taxi driver had just helped me carry some of my big luggage till the end of steps. No, he wont help me…

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  • Photo of The Departure

    The Departure

    The clock showed 12 o’clock in my watch, it was noon now. But what mattered more than that was at 1.30pm, I had my train. I was leaving the city, as I no longer had any more reasons to stay back now that my studies were over. I slowly pulled my glance away from the watch and looked at him.…

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  • Photo of The Final Incompleteness

    The Final Incompleteness

    I saw her today. After about eight years, I saw her today. I was thrilled and happy, both at the same time to have seen her. She walked past me as I was entering Starbucks near the oxford street. It brought back all the memories that we’d had back then. Just seeing how much she had changed yet how similar…

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  • Photo of The Day the Sun Forgot to Rise

    The Day the Sun Forgot to Rise

    We often take God’s blessings for granted until they are taken from us. Then we recognize how important even the most common gifts of God really are. Once my 8-year-old sister asked me, “If we pour water on the sun with a bucket as big as the sun, will the sun be extinguished?” Initially, I burst out of laughter. But…

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  • Photo of The Hare and The Tortoise– Extended Version

    The Hare and The Tortoise– Extended Version

      Everyone must have read the famous Aesop’s fable “the hare and the tortoise”. In India it is published by Amar Chitra Katha. We all are familiar with the story or rather I will say we all grew up either by listening or narrating this famous fable. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a Hare and a…

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  • Photo of For No Reasons At All..

    For No Reasons At All..

    Taking steps, one after the other, is what we call life. Its like that old saying “life is what happens, when you’re busy making other plans.” That was exactly what happened with Naaz. Growing up as normal as any other child, was the theory of her childhood. Except, it wasn’t her theory of that. She took life as a rollercoaster…

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  • Photo of A Photograph

    A Photograph

    The house was a mess after we had decided to move to London. The packing seemed more like unpacking from the cupboards. Thousands of things had made home in those wooden boxes we called as closets. It seemed as though everything was just pouring out of place. The old flower vase, the swim suit from fifth grade, his basket ball jersey from school and…

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  • Photo of The Camouflage

    The Camouflage

    The moment I saw them, I was hinted that they are genuine gems. But I had no idea that they were genuine to such an extent. The terrific trio of siblings was my student from Rupa, a remote town in Arunachal Pradesh. The two elder brothers, Mohan Singh and Bittu Singh, were in 3rd and 2nd standards respectively. Pinky is…

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  • Photo of The Other Side

    The Other Side

    The clock ticked 10:15 am, Kaya looked at her wrist watch and then around the cabin. It was around 45 minutes since she was waiting for the doctor. The cabin, like any other doctor’s, it was spacious and subtly arranged with one wide wooden desk ideally covered with spiral bound documents, prescription pad and a laptop. Apart from official desk…

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  • Photo of Have You Ever Wondered How Beautifully Love Casts a Spell on our Lives, Without us Realising it?

    Have You Ever Wondered How Beautifully Love Casts a Spell on our Lives, Without us Realising it?

    She had asked me. I understood her heart but did not have the answer. She waited for it but did not ask the question again. A few minutes later, she smiled to herself and changed the course of the conversation. “You know what? There’s this beautiful theory running through my head these days that if somehow, in a world beyond…

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  • Photo of Little Flower

    Little Flower

    The cutest thing about kids is their unusual obsessions. Pema Jangchu was no different. Pema was a 6 Yr old kid staying with her parents and elder sister in Rupa( a remote town in Arunachal Pradesh). Her family belonged to the Monpa tribe and alike majority of the population, their occupation was also farming.  Pema had this weird obsession with…

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  • Photo of Beauty Wrapped in Canvas Shoes!

    Beauty Wrapped in Canvas Shoes!

    She kept wiping her tears off. One after the other. What I did not understand was if they were the tears of happiness or tragedy. I wasn’t even sure that this was what she had been doing until the time I finally saw her wet eyes later. She tried that I do not see that but the redness in them…

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  • Photo of That One Night Stand Offer

    That One Night Stand Offer

    One fine October night at exactly 11:57 P.M., while I was sitting in the bus-stand, I came across her. I was lucky to catch the last train from Baruipur to Sealdah but, not lucky enough to catch the last bus back to my home. I was returning from a friend’s birthday party. The moment I realized that it is hopeless…

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  • Photo of Road Always Taken…

    Road Always Taken…

    His face was tense, but he was breathing light. He might don’t want to but he has to. He can simply leave everything behind and can walk on because what exactly are these human relations, nothing but the creation of “men’s” fear. I m using men’s purposely because in the end it’s all about men. But who cares for him…

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  • Photo of The Lost Chance

    The Lost Chance

    As usual, the chocolate was found in the desk. It had been a routine to find a chocolate kept in the desk at the same place with a different little note. Sometimes the note said, “That you are the pearl in my life’s oyster” or “you are brought here to fill up the incompleteness of my life”. While the other…

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  • Photo of Across the Fence

    Across the Fence

    A whirlwind of emotions ventilated her striped outfit, as her weak eyesight drank in the picture of daisies smiling in the countryside. She hung from the doorless opening of the carriage chugging off at a snail’s pace. She didn’t want to obscure the few beams of joy lighting up her miserable world by gazing at the sickly faces wearing morose…

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  • Photo of Virgilante (The Intro)

    Virgilante (The Intro)

    To get the right vibe, hit “Play.” The first time he hit him with the steel, it stuck. So, he twisted it less than a quarter of an inch and leaned a little closer…” How’s that feel?” Virgil whispered. The combined looks of pain, fear, and confusion that registered across Olav’s face brought nothing but a sincere depiction of child-like…

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  • Photo of The Grey Eyes and Red Tears

    The Grey Eyes and Red Tears

    She sat in a Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The bloodstained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. It was a Saturday night. Beautiful. Cloudy and a cool breeze flew outside the window. A little drizzle and darkness. I looked at her and then resumed to my laptop. I could…

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