QB Short Stories


Sitting cross-legged across the table they were hesitant to make eye contact and even more shy to smile. Reading the first item in the starters, over and over again made them well versed in spelling than the actual dish, they couldn’t find any other option and can’t read any other word. Legs were miles apart but toes were battling to move ahead like horses of warfare.  Battling teams were desperate,confused and shy lovers(to-be).

“Ummm…What will you have? “, asked Ajay.

“Aaa.. I.. I’m going through the menu.” Sehar replied.

“Ooh.. Sorry I missed that!”, he said with a “yes you are absolutely going through the menu” smile.

Music is the key to an enchanting ambiance and there, it was spot on. Ajay was checking out the space sparing her. Sehar is still a stranger for him. He remembers how their friends swear to make them a couple long time back. Arranged and failed several dates,  awkward and short messages and calls, shy interactions and speeding heartbeat, still, he couldn’t make it a thing.  His heart used to go on a roller coaster ride every time he saw her. He never approached her because she was a pretty and elegant child and he a messy and average looking boy. Fingers snapped in front of him, not in his memories but like in front of his eyes. She has been calling on to him from a long time. He stumbled once or twice in order to say “Y..yess..yes.. sorry I was thinking about the order.”

“Which we haven’t placed yet?”, she asked with a witty smile.

He cleared his thought and said, “Names are pretty fancy though!”

“yeah,like a love story’s outline”

“Yes, I mean see, skipped a beat, my red love, made it through, whats all this!” he laughed.

“Suffice its name. Start A Story. I mean the restaurant’s name?”, Ajay said taking pauses

He looked up into her eyes and for the first he could see the blue of the ocean and grey of the sky. She had whole world in her eyes. With calmness of blue surrounded by a little grey of sky. That’s why she was a cry baby,  this is where all that water came from,the blue of her oceanic eyeballs, he smiled thinking about the good old days.

“What? That’s the name of the place we are sitting right now” she said with an inquiring and confused tone.

He was caught again.

“Absolutely.I.Was.Thinking.Ummm… about the names!” he covered.

He is not changed at all. Still the same. Confused, shy and secretive same old guy. Always in his own world but still the center of attraction. Look at the way people are looking here. him, his personality, the way he appreciates his company always, so magnanimous and charming. We make a good couple, its obvious. I don’t need anyone else’s permission, all these eyes looking at us so mesmerized and shocked are the proof. she laughed a little and brushed her hair.

” So even you day dream?” victorious Ajay said.

Like silent whispers came the word, “Umm.. Oh God, he shouldn’t know what I feel!”

“I was just thinking about the food, let’s order some drinks first. okay what will you have?”

“Aaaa…”, Ajay was about to reply

“Sorcery? Temptation? or Love potion?” she enquired. “we should have Love potion, Waiter… 2 love potions please.”

Ajay couldn’t find out the reason behind this hurry. Sehar was taking charge of the situation,it was  like she wanted to be indulged. Indulged in the moment, in the memory. He was happy, finally he got the hint. She is ready now more than ever, more than the time they spend together in college more than the prom night and even more than the night he took her out on a drive.Sehar also knew now that he has his answer. Without even asking the questions and without her becoming the sole respondent, they have their answers. Sehar took the sigh of relief, he pressed her hand in assurance and in love. they both were smiling.

But People were amazed, shocked and confused. why were they!? because of the re-union of the century? Ajay and Sehar didn’t bother. Waiter went near to her with confusion and terror in his eyes. Sehar looked up and ordered Ajay’s favourite dish.

“One Bruschetta for him and Skipped a Beat for me.”, she smiled.

“But Ma’am Bruschetta for whom?”, he looked towards the empty chair in front of Seher in an immense terror!

Kanika Saini

Human. English graduate. Dog lover. Sometimes writer most of the time engrossed in mind exercise which further results in writing.
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