Kanika Saini

Kanika Saini

Human. English graduate. Dog lover. Sometimes writer most of the time engrossed in mind exercise which further results in writing.
  • Jul- 2016 -
    1 July
    QB Short StoriesPhoto of Chairs


    Sitting cross-legged across the table they were hesitant to make eye contact and even more shy to smile. Reading the first item in the starters, over and over again made them well versed in spelling than the actual dish, they couldn’t find any other option and can’t read any other word. Legs were miles apart but toes were battling to…

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  • Feb- 2016 -
    8 February
    QB Short StoriesPhoto of Daughter of War

    Daughter of War

    Shivya got up late this morning. Her coffee is nowhere to be seen, the regular hustle bustle of the house was settled like sand in water. It’s not usual, in her fourteen years or shall I say, eight or nine years because rest were wrapped up in a blanket of pre-childhood phase which she might not remember. Yes, so in…

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  • Nov- 2015 -
    4 November
    MoviesPhoto of Rahman’s Tamasha

    Rahman’s Tamasha

    “The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated”                                   – A.R. Rahman What are the ways of attaining peace and happiness? No doubt that there are so many but one of…

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  • Oct- 2015 -
    25 October
    QB Short StoriesPhoto of Road Always Taken…

    Road Always Taken…

    His face was tense, but he was breathing light. He might don’t want to but he has to. He can simply leave everything behind and can walk on because what exactly are these human relations, nothing but the creation of “men’s” fear. I m using men’s purposely because in the end it’s all about men. But who cares for him…

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  • 10 October
    NewsPhoto of Vampire Diaries Season 7 Came Out With A Spell Binding Episode…

    Vampire Diaries Season 7 Came Out With A Spell Binding Episode…

      [tps_header]As the much awaited episode 1 of season 7 came out, fans did miss Elena’s role but the team did manage to show us her glimpse. Where? Yes, in a coffin. Never mind, with Elena gone, show came out with lots of new things to hold audience in the absence of major “Damon-Elena romantic and emotional world”. The show…

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  • 1 October
    NewsPhoto of 5 Bollywood Instagram Queens

    5 Bollywood Instagram Queens

      In this 21st entury where “visuals speaks louder than words,” we tried to bring in the most famous visual queens of Indian cinema. As instagram is the fastest growing platform where people feel secure to share their life’s moments with others, here are 5 Bollywood actresses whose instagram accounts are worth watching and following.   Alia Bhatt With her…

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