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The Day the Sun Forgot to Rise

We often take God’s blessings for granted until they are taken from us. Then we recognize how important even the most common gifts of God really are.

Once my 8-year-old sister asked me, “If we pour water on the sun with a bucket as big as the sun, will the sun be extinguished?” Initially, I burst out of laughter. But after realising the seriousness of the query , thoughts and fear both utterly cramped my mind.

Think of a day, the day the sun forgot to rise. Oops, How can I even call it a day if the sun didn’t rise? At 6:00 in the morning it’s dark. At 7:00 it is still night. Noon came and it is more like a midnight.The cold hit at a time when we’re least prepared to do anything about it. We’d all curl up in our beds and blankets waiting for it – the nightmare of the unrisen – to end. The following hours would be even more cold and it would be impossible to move.There would be panic; sheer bloody panic would ensue.
About half a billion people would start wishing they had paid more attention to the sun god when they had the chance. Of course, the universe goes on mercilessly being what it has always been – incapable of granting the mercy we seek.Plants, trees, vegetation – call them what you want – those tasked with the duty of balancing the proportion of the components of the atmosphere, will begin to selfishly compete for the remaining oxygen to keep themselves alive.

The Planet would start turning into a graveyard which once used to be a glorious heaven full of lives. With the breath of the last one alive, we’ll all be forgotten. Sad! Isn’t it? Unbelievable!

After such a scary haunted trip of thoughts, i stood up with all my efforts. My legs felt as if i am paralyzed.The sun was just rising, i went outside to see the colors of the day as they were pink, orange — and the yellow had not yet begun. I loved the color of the sky, and wondered the bounties of nature.

So until such a nightmare becomes true,  spare few moments daily to admire the majesty of the universe. Thank the universe for being in us while we’re in it. Be thankful to the sun for giving us the life we so cherish. The next day when the first rays of sun broke the horizon and wake you up, realize how fortunate you are.

To sum up,
Every morning as we rise,
God’s new mercies greet our eyes;
And when twilight shadows fall,
Evening blessings brighten all.

Divya Kumari

Her name is Divya Kumari. She is a student in Shri Ram College Of Commerce pursuing B.Com (H.). A passionate reader as well as a writer. Loves to find beauty in small things.
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