• QB Short StoriesPhoto of Chairs


    Sitting cross-legged across the table they were hesitant to make eye contact and even more shy to smile. Reading the first item in the starters, over and over again made them well versed in spelling than the actual dish, they couldn’t find any other option and can’t read any other word. Legs were miles apart but toes were battling to…

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  • QB Short StoriesPhoto of Road Always Taken…

    Road Always Taken…

    His face was tense, but he was breathing light. He might don’t want to but he has to. He can simply leave everything behind and can walk on because what exactly are these human relations, nothing but the creation of “men’s” fear. I m using men’s purposely because in the end it’s all about men. But who cares for him…

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  • BooksPhoto of 4 Fictional Books One Must Not Miss

    4 Fictional Books One Must Not Miss

    Fictional books open up the door to a parallel world. Most book lovers enjoy the escapism that they offer. You are far from the reality of your life. You finally have the opportunity to be in someone else’s shoe, living the life of the protagonist and making his choices. Here is a list of fictional books one must not miss.…

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    Photo of 4 Most Painful Fictional Deaths in recent TV era

    4 Most Painful Fictional Deaths in recent TV era

    Watching TV is not an easy thing. I get addicted to things with no trouble. I am vulnerable that way, the way when I start listening to a song, you can be 400% sure that I’ll listen to that song 1000 times over and eventually, hate it. I also get carried away sometimes with TV shows. Oh, yes. I know…

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