4 Fictional Books One Must Not Miss

Fictional books open up the door to a parallel world. Most book lovers enjoy the escapism that they offer. You are far from the reality of your life. You finally have the opportunity to be in someone else’s shoe, living the life of the protagonist and making his choices. Here is a list of fictional books one must not miss.


                                – KHALED HOSSEINI


This Afghan-American Writer has magic in his writing. Set against the rough terrains of Kabul, it is about an ordinary boy aware of his mediocrity. This is the story of Amir, a boy who craved for his father’s love while his friend  , Hassan always ended up being his father’s preference . The story unravels   with tumultuous events  where Amir could not save Hassan from an act of violence. Khaled Hosseini takes his readers through a heart wrenching story of helplessness, guilt and how a small boy from Kabul grows up to embrace his demons and emerge to be a hero of the ordinary.


                                – DAN BROWN


This American author has thriller writing in his grip. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful and ancient Vatican city , this is the story of Robert Langdon, a well known symbologist, who gets entwined in the mysterious and brutal murder of Leonardo Vetra , a precious physicist of the CERN, supposedly committed by the ancient brotherhood of “Illuminati”. Vittoria Vetra , the Adopted daughter of Leonardo who  vouches to  avenge her father’s death, together with Langdon get absorbed into the nerve wrecking adventure of chasing the secret and the dormant brotherhood of Illuminati.

P.S – this book is not for the feint hearted for the twist at the end can kill.

                                – AYN RAND


 This book promises to take the reader for a ride through the minds of individuals who stand out. Howard Roark is an architect  who refuses to bend to the rules of the society to gain recognition. He stands by his vision and art which the world refuses to acknowledge. The protagonist faces prejudices and rejection, but what stands out is a man too perfect to brood his failures. This is the story of an individualist and what fate has for him.

                                                – ANNE FRANK


This diary brings alive the horrors of the nazi world. This thirteen year old girl talks about a world almost unimaginable in the normal human civilization. She used to call her diary Kitty and almost all her writings are addressed to Kitty.  One must read this book to know about a time in the world history which shook the very foundation of humanity and how, even in the worst of times, when everything else seems to get destroyed … human hopes remain.

Amelia Guha Thakurta

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