QB Short Stories

The Lost Chance

As usual, the chocolate was found in the desk. It had been a routine to find a chocolate kept in the desk at the same place with a different little note. Sometimes the note said, “That you are the pearl in my life’s oyster” or “you are brought here to fill up the incompleteness of my life”. While the other notes had simpler meanings like “you are beautiful” or “your smile reminds me of cherries”. The series of a chocolate and a note along began just after two days Riya joined the school in mid-year due to transfer of her father to the lake city of Udaipur. She had made quite good friends even after being a newbie. She didn’t complain to the teacher as she was curious to know her secret admirer and secretly she enjoyed the daily dose of happiness.

Even after so many tries’ to find her secret admirer she didn’t end up at any conclusion. That day before going for the recess she kept a note for the unknown saying “hey! I know you are amongst one of us. I really love your every single note as it makes my day. Please leave a note today with your name written on it and make my day.” As soon as she came to the class, she searched her desk. The chocolate and note were there. Her heart was protruding so loud that she could hear it. She opened the note which said “The name you wish to know is there with you wherever you go. Part of universe which keeps us close, from there it rains and snows.”

Suddenly, as soon as she completed the reading, she was found under the eyes of teacher. Mrs. Johnson took the note and enquired her about the same. She explained her defense but it was unacceptable to Mrs. Johnson. But before she could take her to the warden in charge, she was stopped by a voice. The bald headed guy of the class stood up for Riya. He was the same person who helped her with missed out texts and readings. He was the same person whom Riya thought as a crazy freak who shaved his head and didn’t like at all. The same freak Riya insulted the other day saying “don’t think your help and gestures could make me fall for you. Look at you! You are bald. You could be used to scare naughty kindergarten kids”, but despite of all this, he stood up for he knew she was truthful. Seeing the courage others who knew about it stood and she was released.

Even after the incident the series of chocolate and note continued. The winter breaks had begun. The expectedness of the chocolate and note stopped. It was a month long holidays and Riya had no clue what to do about the matter. It had been a week, and a fortnight and  questions of where, why, how circled in her mind and answer was nowhere to be found. The next day, as she returned home after a walk she sat up with all the notes, reading each one of them as a fond memory. She struck against the note with the puzzle who gave the name of her secret admirer. The lines “The name you wish to know is there with you wherever you go. Part of universe which keeps us close, from there it rains and snows” could give her the answer. She had completely forgotten about it as the teacher had caught her. She tried to resolve the riddle and the answer was there. It was Aakash.

Even after knowing the person, she wasn’t happy as she should be, as he was the bald headed guy who stood for her even after her frequent insults, he was the one who made her fall for his gesture, he was the one who wasn’t thanked enough that day.

She took her keys and drove to Aakash’s house. His mother welcomed her and handed over a letter. She told her “Aakash isn’t home, but he asked me to give it to you whenever you came”

Riya with mixed emotions settled herself in her warm bed and opened the letter


Hey Riya! You are very special to me as you were my source of joy as same as the chocolate and note to you. Thank you for coming into my not so long life. I promise I’ll keep showering small notes of happiness from above. Keep smiling and stay the same always.

P.S. the bald look was due to my cancer so nobody could find out. I wish you had solved the name riddle earlier. Don’t miss me much as “I will be always there with you wherever you go part of universe which keeps us close, from there it rains and snows”.

Tears rolled down her cheek as the chance of expressing the feelings was lost forever.


It was rightly said “looks can be deceptive”. Judge a person on basis of the heart within rather than basis of the exterior portrayed.

Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal, a young adult, loves to express her emotions through words. She is passionate about music and loves to make friends. Poems and poetry is something her soul connects with. Dancing like nobody else is watching you is her way of living. She believes in carrying yourself with a smile on your face and dreams in your heart and you are on the path of success.
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