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That One Night Stand Offer

One fine October night at exactly 11:57 P.M., while I was sitting in the bus-stand, I came across her. I was lucky to catch the last train from Baruipur to Sealdah but, not lucky enough to catch the last bus back to my home. I was returning from a friend’s birthday party. The moment I realized that it is hopeless waiting for a bus or taxi; I used the smartness of my phone and booked a cab on Uber. The driver confirmed that he will reach within 20 minutes.

The street was empty and the footpath was dark. The ambience was a bit eerie to be honest. Suddenly an unknown footstep broke the strange dark silence. I turned around to find a woman in her thirties walking on the streets adjusting her dress. She came out from the alley besides the bus stand. She was wearing a black sari and a red sleeveless blouse.

At first she did not notice me. But when her eyes fell on me she slowed down her pace. I quickly took my eyes of her and tried to attract my concentration towards something else. I heard her footsteps nearing and finally she was standing just a few steps away from me. I was not carrying my headphone so the option of listening to music and strictly avoiding her was unavailable. She came and sat beside me. I shifted towards my right, she too followed me. I again shifted to my right and she again did the same. It continued until I had no more space left for shifting on the right side of me. Her intentions were pretty clear but mine was not clear. So finally I decided to state my intentions clearly to her.

“ Hey I am not interested thank you “ I told her firmly and rouse. I took a few steps and stood beside the column on my right. She too got up from the bench and joined me on my left.

“ Why you don’t like me? “ She asked me raising the sari above her knee.

The idea of sex for money always has been inappropriate to me. Moreover I have always heard that girls are thrown into such rackets against their wills. So the whole situation was irritating me.

“ Arre I will give you special late night discount “ She nudged me.

I couldn’t resist smiling. Her desperate means to convince me was interestingly sexy.

I checked the time on my mobile, still thirteen minutes was left for the cab to arrive. Generally I should have walked away from the place ignoring her. But courtesy to my passion for writing I always try to analyze situations in an unusual and unique way. Most of the time I land up into deep trouble and occasionally I find some happy memories. But at the end of the day every time I find a new story, a new character a new inspiration. So I went back to the bench and sat on it again.

“Come sit “I called her

And like a very obedient and good girl she came and sat beside me.

“So where will you take me?”She asked me.

“No actually I want to talk with you and I will pay for it” I said confidently.

Instead of answering me she started laughing weirdly.

“I am serious”

“ Ya I love to talk while doing” She said it into my ears in a seductive manner.

“I want to know your story” I clarified

“They are waiting to tell their stories” She replied moving her right hand all over her body.

“So how did you come into all this?” I asked her

“Who cares?” She replied spontaneously and started brushing her nose on my cheek.

“Look I said I will pay you if you share your real story, if you don’t want to tell its cool. But stop getting on me” I said in exasperation.

She gave a blank look and paused for a few second. She took a deep sigh and continued.

“I came into all these because of my husband” she started


“I came to know about his habit of sleeping with other girls when I was tested HIV positive.”

“What?” That came as a reflex

“Yes I have AIDS due to my husband”

“So ?” I was struggling with my question.

“I want to transmit it into everyone” She said furiously.

“Why punish everyone for your husband’s mistake”

“No everyone should understand the situation they made me go through” She screamed

She paused for a second to take a deep breathe and I chose not to speak.

“ It was not my fault but everyone in my in-laws family made up as if I was the reason behind everything. My friends, colleagues everyone ignored me.” She added

Her eyes were teary. She wiped her tears, got up, took a few steps forward and stopped. I went up to her and consoled her. “It’s O..” But she did not allow me to complete the sentence. She turned back to me and literally jumped on me and kissed me. I was stoned by her action and could barely move.

After she was done she took few steps backwards. She was wearing an accomplished look on her face. She winked at me and went past me. I was in no position to look back. When the cab arrived I somehow managed to tell my address to the driver. After reaching home I did not waste a second to start surfing net. Finally after surfing net for two hours, I was satisfactorily confirmed that saliva cannot transfer HIV. And then, when I decided to change my dress I discovered that my pant is weighing lighter. My wallet was missing. It took me few minutes to figure out the whole story. She was all after my money. And the funniest part is I could not even properly cherish what I had got in return of Rs. 132 in cash and a wallet costing Rs. 80.


My name is Tathagata Das, I am from Kolkata. Tg is my nickname and I use it as my screen name in movies. I am a scriptwriter by profession in Bengali film industry. I love playing chess, listening music, travelling, observing different people.
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