QB Short Stories

The Departure

The clock showed 12 o’clock in my watch, it was noon now. But what mattered more than that was at 1.30pm, I had my train. I was leaving the city, as I no longer had any more reasons to stay back now that my studies were over. I slowly pulled my glance away from the watch and looked at him. His eyes narrated me the telltales of Pain. Pain that was waiting, the moment he would leave from there, to get released from his enchanting eyes in the form of tears. We had to walk away, we knew from the beginning, but still it felt more torturous when neither of us could avoid that moment of separation any more. His hands tightened on my arms more furiously, as if he was angry on me for doing this and that the same time his eyes were soft, begging me to look into them and not go away. My tears found a way finally, before I knew they were already trailing down my cheeks and I broke down weeping relentlessly, unable to hold myself strong anymore. Maybe he understood the turmoil going on inside me, maybe he heard the scream I had suppressed inside me, and maybe he felt that pain that was pushing inside me to get released from a long time. He pulled me into his embrace and held me so tight that it felt as if there wasn’t any more escape, as if the time had given up on us witnessing the love we had for each other. I cried against his chest, loosing myself totally while hearing to his pacing heartbeats and hushed breaths trying to control him but then- it was all gone. There was no longer that “I-don’t-care” person in him whom everyone else hated to acknowledge, instead there held me that person with whom I had fallen in love some months back. The person who knew his heart would tear apart with the thought of seeing me away from him. I heard the sobs, even he was crying? My heart started racing and I was scared a bit because that moment was shocking. Slowly I looked up at him and he looked down at me, tears rolling down rapidly his cheeks, where I used to plant uncountable kisses. Tears found their way down his chin into his stubble. Yeah, that stubble which he would rub against my cheeks and shoulders playfully. I used to whine around making faces at that, but deep inside I loved it though. I noticed he had started panting and before I could hold around, he had started crying like a small kid who was scared to be left alone in the dark. His face was turning red tired of the force of holding himself back from a long time, his eyes were redder maybe with anger or pain that I still didn’t know of. His lips were trying to mumble some words that he wanted to say and then fighting back again, keeping it to himself rather than letting it to escape. But then suddenly, scared maybe that he might expose his weaker self that he keeps composed to himself only, he pulled my head back into his embrace and wept hugging me tightly with his face hidden on my shoulder and hairs. I could feel his rapid breathing caressing my shoulders while his tears trickling onto my skin. That moment was breathless; the only thing I would have given up for anything in the world was to believe that this would happen ever. Then after a few minutes of that heavenly feeling, he pulled his head up while I was still holding him knowing that its time and somewhere cursing myself like hell for this day. His hands left my body and started wiping off his tears hurriedly as if he could not believe that he had cried. After his face was dried by the back of his hands to his satisfaction, he pulled me away from him at arm’s length, looked at me for the final time and turned. He walked out of the door like he promised himself he won’t turn back once even to see me while I stood there watching him until he vanished from my sight. The way he had just walked into that door some months back for the first time into my life and today when he walked away forever through the same door felt relentlessly awkward to remember. My legs started to give way at the very thought and I found myself clinging onto the wall for support and making my way to the bed where we lay together a couple of hours ago. I lay on the bed pulling the blanket over me and trying to find his scent somewhere there. Ah! There It was, It brought a twitch to my lips which before could turn into a complete smile lost to my tears that started rolling down against the blanket that was crumbled against my face. The cab honked outside of my door, making me remember of the bags that lay down on the floor waiting to be carried out. It was time to leave, to leave this city, this state forever now. I pushed myself up, packed the remaining stuff, headed towards the door but before moving out I looked back the last time to the place where we stood a while back.

“Madam, shall I start the car?” the Cab driver was shouting below fussing around in the arrangement of my luggage.

I wiped my tears and put my shades on. Taking a deep breath I closed the door and walked away to the car.

“To the station as soon as possible please”, I said the driver.

Naz Roza Ali

She never believed in the prophecy that being a girl binds you in limitations. She pictures herself as a strong woman now who believes she can be exploring the world on her own with depending on none. Writing has always been her fascination, where she can pen the words or feelings streaming inside her. Her stories are usually inspired by real events, as she believes a writer starts writing when something or someone inspires him or her.
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