Naz Roza Ali

Naz Roza Ali

She never believed in the prophecy that being a girl binds you in limitations. She pictures herself as a strong woman now who believes she can be exploring the world on her own with depending on none. Writing has always been her fascination, where she can pen the words or feelings streaming inside her. Her stories are usually inspired by real events, as she believes a writer starts writing when something or someone inspires him or her.
  • Jan- 2016 -
    19 January
    QB Short StoriesPhoto of The Remembrance

    The Remembrance

    I stood heaving near my new apartment’s door, one hand on my waist and the other on the wall for support. It was the third time in one year that I had shifted my room again and the taxi driver had just helped me carry some of my big luggage till the end of steps. No, he wont help me…

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  • 11 January
    QB Short StoriesPhoto of The Departure

    The Departure

    The clock showed 12 o’clock in my watch, it was noon now. But what mattered more than that was at 1.30pm, I had my train. I was leaving the city, as I no longer had any more reasons to stay back now that my studies were over. I slowly pulled my glance away from the watch and looked at him.…

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