QB Short Stories


The clock struck 12, it was noon now. But what mattered more than that was after a few minutes, she would be encountered with a long list of questions, one after another. It was her first interview to a real professional world. The world where she has never lived in, where there was no space for her innocence and chastity.The thing for which she was so ambiguous was that will she be able to overcome her childhood problem this time? Or like all previous circumstances, her fear would behold her. She summoned all her strength and made what she thought was a great spring waiting ahead.
“Tring, Tring. Tring, Tring” the telephone over the counter rang and broke the silence as well as her compact thought process. The receptionist was asked to send the next candidate. It was her turn.

She gathered a lot of confidence but her legs stood as dead weights, paralyzed and rigid. “May I come in sir?” said an innocent voice. A positive response followed to this without noticing who was she. She was then asked to introduce herself which she did in a perfect manner. The queries continued regarding her interests, experience qualifications and so on. Till then, everything was fine and good going.

Then the usual disheartening question came up. “How and when did this happen to your face? Do you think you are fit for this work?” The fear which she was trying to overcome till then suddenly seized her. Her voice started stammering. She wanted to scream but only her inner heart heard her. “An acid attack victim sir, a mishap happened ten years back.” said the girl. The next moment she just wanted to run out of the room and lock herself somewhere alone. But she also knew, this wasn’t the ultimate solution.
She went back to that scary life-changing incident and depicted it to them. Life has never been like sparkling stars, or the refreshing morning dews fallen on the sharpen green blades of the grass for her since then. To paraphrase, she saw that life is short; she could be dead tomorrow. She realized that rather than worrying about failure and what people will think of her, she should just focus on what to do, do it to the best of her ability, and keep persisting. If she fails, then great — she is still breathing and that means she could start her next one. The interviewer was certainly impressed and Despite of her apperance, he had no other option then to ask “Shall we negotiate for your salary?” A sudden beautiful smile emerged on her face.

Returning back to home, sitting in front of the mirror with a broad smile and self-confidence, she exclaimed,  “Trying to scare me, eh? Well, here’s to you! Look!” and put forward the appointment letter. Though it was 12 again, the midnight, yet for her, It was the start of a new day, the tomorrow was gone and so was the terror.

Divya Kumari

Her name is Divya Kumari. She is a student in Shri Ram College Of Commerce pursuing B.Com (H.). A passionate reader as well as a writer. Loves to find beauty in small things.
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