10 Fan-Favourite Marvel Superheroes That Betrayed Their Fans And Became Villains!!!

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains:

Sometimes, the people we look up to are the ones we should be wary of. Our superheroes are the Earth’s last line of defense. They hold absolute power. And if Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. The Marvel Comic Book Universe has shown us that our heroes go through a lot of hardships. The ability to do the right thing every time may be a virtue some of them decide to let go of as the sands of time fall through their fingers. Superheroes, even the most respectable ones, are susceptible to the dark side. Whether it is Marvel’s poster child or their greatest brute, no one escapes the wrath of the Dark Side.

 1. Daredevil

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

It has always been the case. Daredevil has been a stalwart of extreme vigilante justice. His methods are borderline brutal and many superheroes have objected to his work ethics. Daredevil soon jumped to the Dark Side when he went to Japan and won the ownership to the Hand. As the leader of the Japanese supernaturally ordained paramilitary force, Daredevil set up his headquarters right in Hell’s Kitchen and dubbed it Shadowland. He used the building as an illegal prison where he held anyone who deemed to be a threat, hostage. Moreover, the hostages were interrogated and tortured for information. It was later revealed that Matt Murdock was possessed by a demon but the damage had been done.

 2. Spider-Man

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Spider-Man is supposed to represent the best of superheroes. He is the symbol of innocence and grace. But alas he too is a victim of power. Spider-Man, on many occasions, has dabbled in questionable acts. When Doctor Octopus switched minds with Peter Parker and became Superior Spider-Man, the number of kills by Spider-Man drastically increased. The people Superior Spider-Man killed had names like Massacre and Allistair Smythe. But do not worry we are not just going to mention Superior Spider-Man here. Peter Parker, on his own, has also been a very naughty child. He once almost killed Mary Jane and has killed hundreds more as a Horseman of Apocalypse.

 3. Captain Marvel

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Captain Marvel is blossoming into the new face of Marvel Comics. She is a very powerful superhero who has what it takes to make it to the top. She has character depth, a good back story and a strict code of ideals she always follows at all costs. But all that was set aside by her during the Civil War 2 event. Many fans were angry with how Carol Danvers was made to look like the villain in the story. Captain Marvel set aside all her ideals and the things she had learned as a superhero and became a blind believer of the Inhuman Ulysses Cain’s visions of the future. Without thinking clearly, she took a side which a superhero of her caliber should not have done at all.

 4. The Hulk

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

The Hulk’s indomitable rage could be a reason that serves as an excuse for Bruce Banner for killing so many people pointlessly. But we would still like to add that the hulk has done some immoral stuff that cannot be spared judgment. The Hulk once beat Santa Claus to a pulp because the white-bearded guy got in his nerves. As the villain Maestro, the Hulk became a super-intelligent but insane tyrant that ruled the Earth. And we all remember World War Hulk, where the World-Breaker Hulk rained down hell on Earth and became a force of nature, destroying life and property at an unprecedented scale.

 5. Jean Grey

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Jean Grey was one of the sweetest kids in the X-Men. She grew to become an integral supporting character to the mutant superhero team’s adventures. That all changed when Jean became the Phoenix. As the Phoenix Force got hold of her, she lost control and became the Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix was a malevolent entity that cared only for chaos and destruction. Jean Grey destroyed a star and an entire alien civilization within the star system as part of her rampage. She was later killed when Jean Grey momentarily gained control of her body back from the Phoenix and asked the X-Men to end her life before she does something even more heinous.

 6. Reed Richards

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Well, not exactly the Reed Richards you would think but the one we are talking about is pretty much the same guy. The Maker is the Reed Richards of another universe called the Ultimates Universe of Marvel Comics. After Secret Wars led to the influx of characters from that universe to the mainstream Marvel Universe, the evil Reed Richards found his way to mainstream reality. The Maker is a younger version of Reed Richards who is smarter than our very own Reed Richards could ever be. He is no longer the leader of the Fantastic Four, is insane, and uses his gifted intelligence to augment his mind. He is also obsessed with evolution.

 7. Cyclops

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

When the Phoenix Force came to Earth and possessed five mutant superheroes – Magik, colossus, Namor, Emma Frost and Cyclops, the downfall of Cyclops soon came into being. Cyclops had always been the loyal ally of the X-Men. He has led the team to victory against innumerable odds and is very righteous in general. But he too was involved in some pretty dark and serious matters. He had abused the women in his life many times. But after he became a member of the Phoenix Five, he achieved a new form of evil. Cyclops went on to become an extremist mutant leader and sent children to conduct highly dangerous missions all over the world. Cyclops even tried to start a revolution by radicalizing other mutants to fight for his cause. But the nail in the coffin came when Cyclops murdered Charles Xavier in cold blood.

 8. The Punisher

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

It won’t be hard imagining the gut totting vigilante known as the Punisher as a villain. The guy already takes daily strolls in the super dark grey area of the moral boundary lines. He even has a comic book series called The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe to his name. But even on normal occasions, the punisher has defied the typical superhero ideals and just caused unnecessary violence for no reason at all. He once killed Captain America. He has shot Spider-Man dead in a sewer. During the Civil War, the Punisher literally fired an RPG at Stilt-Man, a villain who had reformed at the time and had already surrendered to Castle.

 9. Iron Man

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Much like Superior Spider-Man, the Superior Iron Man was also a villain. After Loki used a spell to turn the superheroes into super villains, Iron Man became the Superior Iron Man. The spell was overturned but Iron Man decided to use technology to keep his evil-mindedness from leaving him. He decided to give out free injections of the extremis technology to thousands of people. The extremis tech enhanced their abilities but it came at a cost. People later realized that the tech had a deadly flaw. If it is not reset after a certain period of time, it will kill the host. Iron Man basically became an extorter. He started charging money and other favors to people to keep them from dying.

 10. Captain America

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains

Like we said, even the best of us can become the worst of us. The most admirable superheroes make for the toughest super villains. The greatest superhero of the Marvel Comic Book Universe – Captain America, is no stranger to corruption. In the Secret Empire, he revealed himself to be a Hydra Sleeper Agent. But what surprised us, even more, is that Captain America was extremely good at being a bad guy. As the number one enforcer at Hydra’s disposal, Captain America carried out some pretty horrible missions in the name of the new order. Even after his role in stopping Civil War 2 and trying to take over the United States as the new POTUS, his reputation is still very stained and will need some time to heal. Clearly, the fans are pissed at Cap for doing this to them.

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