10 Powerful Weapons From DC Comics That Can Easily Kill Gods

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods:

The Universe of DC Comics is home to both Gods and Monsters. There are tons of os superheroes that have the power to move mountains and make the world bow down to their will. There are a lot of evil entities that hold abilities to make the entire universe cower in shame. Zeus, Odin, Osiris – they are just but the tip of the iceberg. With such a vast mythos, DC Comics has introduced to a plethora of God-like beings. But they have also introduced the means to kill them. The Mythical Champions are not actually immortal in the comic books. There are weapons that can kill even the most invincible of beings in DC Comics. It is time we know about them.

 1. God Killer

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The God Killer was a magical blade that was forged in the furnaces of the Greek God Hephaestus. The god had contracted Deathstroke the Terminator to assassinate a Greek Titan. Since Titans are basically un-killable as they are blessed with immortality, Deathstroke needed a truly miraculous piece of hardware to do the job. Luckily, Hephaestus had the answer with the God Killer Sword. The Sword can change shape and form as needed by its wielder and could even absorb and manipulate energy. It is capable of killing any immortal being. Its blade is so sharp it can cut through molecules and it can even grow in size.

 2. Radion Bullet

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

There is a very popular saying. God never created men as equals. It was Colt. When Colt invented the first Pistol, he changed the very course of the future for the entire humanity. Guns have always been used to even the odds and equalize the playing fields. But in DC Comics, Guns are not just an equalizer. They are God Killers. Radion is a fictional element within DC Comics that is the most toxic substance to ever exist. If a God is exposed to Radion, no matter how powerful he or she is, death is inevitable. A bullet made out of Pure Radion was once used by Batman to kill Darkseid.

 3. Anti-Life Equation

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The Anti-Life Equation is when Mathematics becomes a weapon of mass destruction. It is basically an equation that proves all existence meaningless and makes the exposed individual a subservient slave for eternity. It is so powerful that it can warp the very fabric of reality. It could even mind-meld the minds of Gods and Cosmic entities of used properly. Darkseid, the God of Evil in DC Comics, has made it his life mission to discover the Anti-Life Equation and make it his own. Whenever he has gotten close to getting it under his grasp, it has always managed to slip through.

 4. Justice Buster

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The Justice Buster Armour was created by Batman for a singular purpose – take down the Justice League should he ever need to! When the Joker tricks the entire League into inhaling the Joker Venom and turns them into his minions, it is up to Batman to save the day. Batman quickly gets into his Justice Buster Armour and takes down the whole League. It has miniaturized red suns within its finger knuckles that weaken Superman. It has a computerized electronic nerve tree that can defeat Vyborg. Its servos and sensor arrays are fast enough to even track the Flash. Justice Buster is truly a marvel of engineering and a God Killing Weapon in every sense of the word.

 5. Fahren Knife

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The story behind how a Fahren Knife was created is itself pretty gory to listen to. The Fahren Knife cannot be created by just anyone. It can only be created if you have one key ingredient. And that key ingredient is the corpse of a New God. The Knife was first made out of the bones of Darkseid. That knife was lost a long while ago. In Tom King’s Mister Miracle run, Orion – the son of Darkseid, was killed while Darkseid waged a war against New Genesis. Mister Miracle, who was furious over Darkseid’s actions, made a Fahren Knife out of the bones of Orion and stabbed Darkseid in the eye, killing the God of Evil at the end of the series.

 6. The All Blades

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The All Blades were created by the secretive All Caste Warrior Group. The Blades possess the ability to kill any being made out of magic. They can only be wielded by someone that the All Blades deem worthy. All Blades cannot harm innocent lives but will instantly kill any entity that has even a smidgen of magic and malice within it. When not in use, the All Blades will vanish until further notice. They only reappear when the user wills them to or when the user is in the presence of Evil beings. The All Blades have been used by Jason Todd aka the Red Hood. They are powered by the wielder’s soul and can kill Gods since Gods are basically beings of immense magic.

 7. Miracle Machine

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The Miracle Machine is probably the most powerful artifact in the history of DC Comics. It is a machine that can grant any user the power to turn his or her thoughts into reality. Whatever you wish for at that moment of time becomes real. That is what the Miracle Machine guarantees. But there is one huge downside – there are always stray thoughts within your mind and they too end up becoming real. But truth be told, the amount of energy the machine uses to materialize thoughts is tremendous. What if you can make a gun out of the very energy source that powers the Miracle Machine? Big Barda and Mister Miracle created the Miracle Machine Gun using that same energy source, a weapon that even Darkseid was afraid of.

 8. Armor of Zeus

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The Armour of Zeus is a recent addition to the Greek Mythology within the DC Universe. It was first shown as the mysterious breast-plate worn by Jason, the Son of Zeus and the half-brother of Wonder Woman, in one issue. Whoever wears the armor of Zeus gets access to all the powers of all the gods in the Greek Pantheon. Using the armor, Jason almost defeated Wonder Woman, her-self a God. Jason has only used the Armour of Zeus on a few occasions and has found himself accessing powers of the strength of Ares, the Speed of Hermes, the Wisdom of Athena, and the Winds of Zeus. The applications of the armor of Zeus are infinite and huge. It is only a matter of time before we see it in action again in the comic books.

 9. Tear of Extinction

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

There are seven forces of pure Doom in the entire Multi-Verse. The Tear of Extinction is basically a single droplet of an unknown fluid, which when dropped on the target, allows the drop to unleash the full force of one of the Seven Forces of Doom on an unlucky individual. No matter how strong or fast the target is, the Tear of Extinction will always get to him or her. When a God is killed by the Tear, he is sent to the mystical and enigmatic graveyard of the Gods. But God does not truly die. As a matter of fact, no God actually dies in the true sense of the word. They can still come back and influence events in the material plane. Poseidon was killed using the Tear of Extinction.

 10. Omega Beams

Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

The Omega Beams are a weapon granted to the ruler of Apokolips. They were first gifted to Darkseid when he became the Ruler of the New Gods of Apokolips. The Omega Beams help Darkseid inflict damages on his enemies using the Omega Effect. The Omega Effect makes any target be literally erased from existence. Not even Superman has managed to escape the Omega Beam’s effects. Perhaps because the beams are telepathically controlled by Darkseid him-self!! They can bend, twist and turn as if they are a sentient being. It is the Omega Beam that makes Darkseid such a force to be reckoned with.

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