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  • BooksPowerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods

    10 Powerful Weapons From DC Comics That Can Easily Kill Gods

    Powerful DC Weapons to Kill Gods: The Universe of DC Comics is home to both Gods and Monsters. There are tons of os superheroes that have the power to move mountains and make the world bow down to their will. There are a lot of evil entities that hold abilities to make the entire universe cower in shame. Zeus, Odin,…

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  • Movies

    10 Most Powerful Weapons in the MCU

    Recently we saw one of the mightiest weapons, the Storm Breaker that came in existence in the last released installment of Avengers. All pomp and show that happened because of this powerful weapon fascinated all of us to the core. In whole MCU there are several other weapons that hold a great deal of power and below is the description…

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    10 Most Powerful Super- Weapons of The Star Wars Universe – Ranked

    The Star Wars takes place in a universe has technology has advanced beyond imagination. Almost each and every species of the Star Wars universe has lots of super advanced tech that if it went to the wrong hands, could change the fate of the Galaxy far, far away.  10. Shock Drum Shock Drum was created by the Galactic Republic to…

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