10 Most Powerful Weapons in the MCU

Recently we saw one of the mightiest weapons, the Storm Breaker that came in existence in the last released installment of Avengers. All pomp and show that happened because of this powerful weapon fascinated all of us to the core. In whole MCU there are several other weapons that hold a great deal of power and below is the description of the 10 most powerful weapons in the MCU.

 1. Bifrost Sword

A big a*s  sword wields by Heimdall should be the first one to come in the list. It was not only the sword that cuts but a portal opener that leads to different places like Earth, Jotuheim etc. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU that was last seen to be wielded by Heimdall.

 2. The Destroyer

The destroyer first and last appeared in the movie Thor and that too was the first installment. The destroyer is the guard that protects the weapon vault of Asgard. The destroyer obeys no one but the ruler of Asgard. The Destroyer is unquestionably a formidable opponent that went head on head with the God of Thunder.

 3. Yaka Arrows

A small but fatal arrow that rips that through the heart of foe appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This weapon is forged by the Centaurians and right now it is owned and used by the Yondu Udonta who also happens to be a Centaurian. Yaka arrows activate with the whistling made by the Centaurians. Actually, they operate on high pitched frequencies that Centaurians made while whistling. Battle of Xander depicts the true might of this weapon.

 4. Cap’s Shield

If we are talking about powerful weapons in MCU then it would be usual for Captain America’s shield to come in the list. A shield made from vibranium wield by Captain America is nothing less than awesome and can even withstand the blows from the strongest of opponents. This shield is like a trademark for Captain America. Captain does not only use it for defensive measures but also uses it as a boomerang and knocks them foes down.

 5. Infinity Gauntlet

It is official and very clear that Infinity Gauntlet is the most powerful weapon that ever happened to exist in the MCU. Every fan knows what it is capable of (maybe not everyone because of the snap). Infinity Gauntlet is the weapon that allowed Thanos to become successful in his plan and also made him harness the power of infinity stones. This Gauntlet was placed in the weapon vault of Asgard but it was declared a sham by the Hela (Thor’s sister). According to the movie, infinity gauntlet was forged on the planet Nidavellir.

 6. Loki’s Scepter

Loki’s scepter, a badass staff with mind stone that is crowned at the top can be used to control the minds of the people as seen in the movie Avengers where Loki controlled the minds of Dr. Erik Selvig and Hawkeye. It is the mind stone in the scepter that enables the user to control the minds of people and it also allows the user to shoot blasts.

 7. Iron Man Suit

A suit made from the amalgamation of Tony Stark’s intelligence and a core that powers the suit. This suit is an example of sheer awesomeness by none other than Tony Stark. The first suit that came into existence was made in the cave when Tony was held captive by the terrorist then with time Tony upgraded his suits and in Iron Man 3, he made a whole army of his suits. In the recent installment of Avengers, suit’s tech was at their best as nanotechnology was introduced.

 8. Mjolnir

Thor’s hammer that hammered way too many foes was forged on the request of the Odin, former ruler of Asgard. This weapon was forged on the Nidavellir. The original owner of the Mjolnir was Hela, Thor’s sister and then it was passed onto Thor. This hammer was enchanted by Odin himself so that it won’t get in wrong hands that’s why it is wielded by only who is worthy enough.

 9. Spidey Suit by Tony

Peter Parker himself invented his own suit and web shooters but later he got an upgrade from Tony who just modified spidey suit to the next level with AI. It is just like Tony’s high tech suit but one that is customized for the Spiderman. Web shooters and the high tech gave Spidey a cutting edge that can be seen in the last Spiderman movie.

 10. The Stormbreaker

Powerful Weapons in the MCU

A weapon made on Nidavellir with the power of a dying star that was wielded by Thor after the Mjolnir destroyed. Stormbreaker was made at the time of jeopardy and is assumed to be way more powerful than the Mjolnir. Mjolnir could not only wield the power of Thunder but also allow Thor to teleport from one planet to another.

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