10 Awesome Facts about the Spider-Man Supervillain – Morbius The Living Vampire

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire:

Morbius, the Living Vampire is finally coming on the big screen and we are certain that Jared Leto will do justice with the character. Morbius is an anti-hero and he is a very strong and deep character with a lot of exciting things to offer.

#1: Creation and Debut

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire

Morbius, The Living Vampire was created by Roy Thomas, Stan Lee’s right-hand editor after the Comics Code Authority lifted a ban on vampires and certain other supernatural characters. Morbius made his first appearance as an antagonist in The Amazing Spider-man #101 in October 1971. He was originally designed by penciler Gil Kane and later on, he turned into an anti-hero.

#2: Origin and History

Michael Morbius is a true Genius who suffered from a rare blood disorder. In a bid to cure himself, he conducted a biochemical experiment, but the experiment failed and he attained certain pseudo-vampiric abilities and physical traits and became a living vampire. He did not get his abilities from any supernatural means. The latest movie trailer showed this aspect as well.

#3: He has Countless inhuman abilities

Morbius Jared Leto Sony

Morbius had genius-level intellect even before he turned into a Vampire as he was a trained Biologist and Biochemist and he was among the best in these fields. After becoming a vampire, he gained superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He has the ability of flight and he can even hypnotize others. He has an accelerated healing factor and he cannot live without consuming human blood.

#4: He had a traumatic past

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire

Morbius was born and raised in Greece by his single mother and he experienced an isolated childhood as he had a rare blood condition, and that led to his ugly and unpleasant looks. Despite that, he was an intellectually gifted young man, he became a renowned Biologist and eventually went on to win the highly respected Nobel Prize in the field of human and animal biology.

#5: He can turn others into Living Vampires

Morbius has the ability to turn others into vampires by biting them, infecting them with the disease of pseudo-vampirism. However, people who are infected with this disease could be cured through an antidote created by Morbius himself. The people who are infected do not acquire his healing abilities and any mortal wound would kill them.

#6: He was once cured temporarily

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire

After getting hit by a lightning strike, Morbius was cured of his pseudo-vampirism and turned into a human. He was charged with the crimes he had committed as a vampire and was represented by Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. Morbius once saved Walters’ life and stabilized her erratic transformations into She-Hulk with a serum that he had created to cure himself.

#7: The Ultimate Marvel Version

In the Ultimate Marvel Storyline, Morbius was introduced as a true vampire. He was the son of Dracul and the brother of Vlad III Dracula himself. These are legendary figures in the supernatural lore and Morbius was connected with these characters to add more weight to his stature.

#8: He once formed a team with Spider-Man

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire

Spider-Man and Morbius are arch-enemies and they have locked horns countless times in the comics. But even they had to join hands to fight the symbiote Carnage. When Carnage went on a murderous rampage, he had to be stopped by a band of allies. This was a pivotal moment for Morbius as he emerged as a true anti-hero after this event.

#9: He has been possessed by Demons

Morbius is a very unstable creature as his bloodthirst can change him into a Vampire. Due to his unstable mentality and nature, he can be possessed by demons that are more powerful than him. It would be interesting to see if they incorporate this aspect into the movie as it would open a lot of new doors.

#10: Morbius Vs Blade

Facts about Morbius The Living Vampire

Morbius and Blade have fought countless times in the comic books and it all started in the comic book Adventure into Fear #24. Blade has even killed Morbius once while being possessed by a demonic presence. However, Morbius was resurrected later. Now that both the characters have their movie, we would love to see them fight each other.

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