Behold – Marvel Has Released The First Images of The Venom-Hulk

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk:

We have seen the Venom symbiote cling to the unlikeliest of superheroes in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Starting from Power Man from Heroes for Hire to Groot of Guardians of the Galaxy, Venom has had crazy combinations with a lot of Marvel characters. But recently, Venom has taken a liking to a very powerful superhero and it is none other than the Jade Giant – the Incredible Hulk! That’s right folks. Venom just found a new host in the Hulk and the combo is one hot rod!

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Absolute Carnage #3. Enter at your Own Risk…

The twists and turns in the Absolute Carnage issues have encountered a mother lode of it all. The story revealed that Carnage, in his infinite wisdom, tried to kill a host that Venom had recently partnered with. The Venom symbiote had left Eddie Brock’s body, his long-time pal, and taken refuge in the body of none other than Bruce Banner. Carnage managed to kill Bruce Banner while he was in the middle of a transformation into Venom. But thankfully, the Hulk came out before Banner breathed his last. As a result, with the Hulk’s strength and the Venom symbiote’s unique abilities, we have now come to see the most epic Venom incarnation to have been ever created.

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

To be honest, we could consider this moment to be one of the coolest moments to have ever happened in comic book history. We have seen Spiderman being taken over by the Carnage symbiote before. And that was also a sight to lo and behold But to see the Hulk join hands with Bruce Banner and do stuff like that is history being written as we speak. The Venom Hulk is as beautiful as it is terrifying. It is a beautiful creature that can wreak destruction to make even the Gods ashamed.

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

Cletus Kasady has recently acquired access to the powers of Dark Carnage, a version of Carnage that has near godlike abilities. It was extremely soothing to see Cletus actually feel the punch that Venom Hulk threw at him in this issue. It would be hard to believe but the Hulk from Marvel’s Mainstream Earth-616 universe has never boned with the Hulk. There was once a story arc that showed the Venom symbiote bonding with the Red Hulk Ghost Rider but that was it. This is the first time we saw Earth-616’s Hulk and Venom standing tall together as one entity.

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

We do not know much about the Venom Hulk as of now. We do know that the Venom symbiote finds the Hulk’s massive body too big for it to be covered fully. Instead, we reckon it will shift and move all over his green skin as the situation demands it. We cannot wait to see the rest of the pages of the fight where Dark Carnage and Venom Hulk trade fists and the earth trembles in its wake.

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

Absolute Carnage #4 that is coming in the near future will show us just how much damage Venom Hulk can inflict on Dark Carnage. We have to be honest with you. We do not think the Venom Hulk will last for too long. Some time or another, both will separate and go their own says. The Venom Hulk is at best a temporary measure that will only serve one or two issues at most. Maybe we will get to see the Venom Hulk again based on how the audience perceives and receives it in this issue and the nest issue that follows.

Absolute Carnage #3 is already out in retail and digital stores. The official synopsis for the issue reads:

Marvel Released First Images of Venom-Hulk

THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER CONTINUES! After the harrowing events at the end of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #2, Venom and Spider-Man have to deal with the hard truth that not everybody will make it out of this conflict in one piece… if they make it out at all, that is. As Carnage continues to amass strength and allies, Venom and Spider-Man realize that the only way to beat him is to do the same…

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