10 Facts About Shazam So Weird That DC Will Never Confirm Them

With the DCEU now on the right track to release the Shazam movie this month under the Warner Bros Studios’ banner, the world’s mightiest mortal will finally have a casual movie-going audience. A Shazam movie was a long time coming. But it was only given the green signal a few years ago after DC finally had the common sense to believe that the real Captain Marvel is bankable enough to feature in his own solo movie. Shazam is one of DC Comics’ greatest and strongest superheroes. Powered by six Gods from different pantheons and mythologies, Shazam looks invincible, almost perfect. But he too is not flawless. There are facts about him that never made any sense at all, no matter how you look at it. Presenting – 10 facts about Shazam so weird that DC will never confirm them!!

 10. Shazam is not DC property

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Shazam, may now be known as one of the greatest Superheroes of DC Comics. But he i=was not created by DC Comics. Shazam belongs to a now long forgotten comic book house called Fawcett Comics. Founded by World War I Veteran Captain Wilford Billy Fawcett, Fawcett publications became a household phenomenon after Captain Marvel became a huge hit in the comic book arena. Fawcett eventually sold the rights of Captain Marvel aka Shazam to DC, who would then later use the characters only after twenty years.

 9. His Childish alter ego is one of his greatest weapons against magic

In DC Comics, there are busloads of magicians. Felix Faust and Morgan le Fay are just to name a few. Every time they raise their head above the horizon, innocent people get hurt and the world stands atop great peril. But Shazam has helped a lot in helping the Earth in overcoming supernatural threats. In many occasions, the magicians have cast spells that would specifically target adults or children. Since Shazam is a full grown adult in his superhero form and a pre-pubescent boy in his alter ego form, he qualifies for both worlds. In an episode of Young Justice, the adults were transported to another dimension. Shazam proved instrumental in saving the day as he could transform into a kid and adult, thereby allowing him to move to and fro between both dimensions.

 8. Captain Marvel was the inspiration for one of Britain’s greatest superheroes

Shazam was not actually a DC creation. He belonged to Fawcett Comics that milked the guy for million in sales. When DC bought Fawcett Comics, the latter handed over the character to the former. But Fawcett’s British partner found a workaround. They created a respectable knock-off of Captain Marvel and named him Marvel Man. Marvel Man was a great success. His powers were strikingly similar to Shazam. By uttering the word ‘Kimota’, Young Micky Moran could transform into the nuclear-powered superhero – Marvel Man. After legal battles with Marvel Comics over the use of Marvel in his name, they had to change that name to Miracle Man.

 7. There is a Shazam Universe in the DC Multi-verse

DC Comics had the bright idea of erasing its entire Multi-Verse, a decision that backfired magnificently. DC then decided to retrace their steps and reintroduce some of those universes in The New 52 Reboot. In the reboot, it is shown that there is a parallel universe termed Earth 5, where the original Fawcett Comics version of Captain Marvel, still exists. Basically, Earth 5 is the Fawcett Comics universe before it was taken over by DC. Shazam over there is fun and light-hearted unlike the DC Universe version. But it is not the only Shazam universe out there. There exists yet another Shazam in Earth One, an alternate Earth in another reality that is way too cynical and dark than the mainstream DC Universe.

 6. Shazam’s greatest enemy is himself a superhero

Shazam! Superman

When you talk about the arch-nemesis of a superhero, you think of a wicked super-villain who is a stalwart of evil and all things bad. But the nemesis of Shazam is not a super-villain per se. As a matter of fact, he is a well-known superhero. Black Adam was the first champion chosen by the wizard Shazam to wield the power of the Gods. But Black Adam soon turned evil and he was banished to the stars.

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Black Adam came back, strong as ever, and almost killed Shazam before the latter tricked him into reverting back into his human form and withering to dust. Black Adam has since reappeared in later DC Comics issues, even becoming a part of the Justice Society of America. Black Adam is no more a pure villain but an extreme version of an anti-hero. He believes in saving the world, but wants to destroy it first in order to create a clean slate.

 5. Who wins in a fight between Superman and Shazam – Nobody knows!

Shazam! Superman

Superman and Shazam have been at each other’s throats quite a few times in the comic books. When Shazam was still known as Captain Thunder, he was manipulated by his enemies into travelling to Earth-One and fighting the Man of Steel, whom he believed was the enemy. They again squared off in Kingdom Come and Superman vs. Shazam, both of which Superman one.

Shazam! Superman

In Kingdom Come, there was another straight on Superman and Shazam fight where Shazam clearly won the match, fair and square. Superman and Shazam have also traded fists in the Justice League Unlimited series episode. Superman won that fight. The sheer inconsistency of the wins in such a fight for either side has been a topic of constant debate. Still, nobody can say for sure who is more powerful of the two.

 4. MCU’s Captain Marvel is a copy of the DC’s Captain Marvel

After DC bought the rights to Captain Marvel right after buying Fawcett comics, the courts issued an order that DC could only use the superhero in their publications after a period of 20 years. So for those 20 years, the name Captain Marvel was up for grabs. It was 1966 when M.F Enterprises first came up with the idea of a robotic superhero called Captain Marvel, who could split his body into different, remote controlled parts and defeat his foes. Then Marvel Comics trademarked a superhero called Captain Mar-Vell. Due to the term ‘Marvel’ literally being in the superhero title, Marvel made a pre-emptive action to get back at DC for stealing their thunder.

 3. Shazam’s Rogues’ gallery is very weird

The villain we are getting this time in the movie is Doctor Sivana, a respected and well known super-villain that uses magic as well as science to defeat Shazam. But Captain Marvel’s rogues’ gallery also has other villains in its list. And to say they are a bizarre bunch would be an understatement. For example, Captain Marvel’s foes – the Monster Society of Evil is headed by Mister Mind, a guy no one had seen.

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When a storyline finally made it clear that it was about time Mister Mind showed up, it is revealed that Mister Mind is actually a worm with psychic powers, the same worm Billy Batson brushed off his shirt in the earlier issue. Other villains in his list include Aunt Minerva, an old lady who is also a crime lord and is looking for a suitable candidate to be her sixth husband.

 2. The Shazam Family is older than the Superman family

The concept of a superhero family was first implemented by Fawcett Comics, not DC. The first three to join the fray were the three Lieutenant Marvels. Freddy Freeman was a crippled youngster whose grandfather was killed by Doctor Nazi. Captain Marvel imbued some of his powers onto him that turned him into Captain Marvel Junior. Mary Marvel was given the powers of six different Goddesses. Uncle Marvel was actually a big-time con artist who did not have any superpowers but used his wit and cunning to help Shazam get out of a bind.

 1. The only Superhero Shazam never gets along with is Green Lantern

There are four different versions of Green Lantern. The one we are talking about is Guy Gardner – one of the founding members of Justice League International. Shazam is always seen as a rather likable person by almost everyone in the DC Superhero community, who respect his optimism and the ability to smile at the face of adversity.

His positive attitude is a quality even a superhero as stoic as Batman adores and likes the most about him. Except Guy Gardner of course!! The guy is always at logger-heads with Shazam. Guy believes that the level of optimism Captain Marvel throws at him every day is enough to make him “go blind.” Guy Gardner was the one that gave the rather condescending nickname of ‘Captain White Bread’ to Shazam, a nickname that has stuck ever since.

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