Mister Sinister May Be A Link Between Wolverine 3 And Deadpool 2

After the announcement of Mister Sinister being the main villain in Wolverine 3, the X-Men/Wolverine fandom lighted with excitement about the potentials the upcoming movie will explore. One of the potentials that have finally come up is a link up between Wolverine 3 and Deadpool 2. Wolverine and Deadpool have technically already known each other for the first Wolverine feature where Wolverine may have killed the merc so you may question how it would be possible for a potential movie to work? Hugh Jackman has already stated that he would retire from the role of Wolverine after this last feature so there is no way that an onscreen link up or crossover could work.But that’s where you may be wrong.Because Mister Sinister could be the villain to bring back these two heroes together.


In the post credit scene of X-Men:Apocolypse, a group of suited henchmen infiltrate the Weapon X facility, take a vial of Wolverine’s blood, and place it in a suitcase with the conspicuous engraving “Essex Corp.” Now this has been the clue that led to many fans suspecting Mister Sinister as the villain but it could also lead up to another potential storyline for further movies.


In the comic books, Mister Sinister who is a foe for both Deadpool and the X-Men, experiments with Logan’s DNA resulting in the child born with the same strain of mutant gene as Wolverine. Laura Kinney also known as X-23 is raised to kill on behalf of The Facility but she abandoned her mission and joins the X-Men instead. She becomes a daughter like a figure for old man Logan who succeeded her father in the X-Men. X-Men Cyclops forms a new team called X-Force which Kinney joins along with surprise surprise, Deadpool.


The first Deadpool saw two X-Men- Negasonic Teenage Warfare and Colossus- featured in the movie with Colossus inviting the merc to join the X-Men.With news of Cable to join the second movie, who knows what the storyline could end up as. And with Jackman out of the picture, maybe the speculation could just hold true.

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