10 Hidden and Secret Details About Black Widow That Fans Missed

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff is the most secretive MCU character. Both fans and the Avengers happen to know nothing about her apart from her name. She keeps mentioning her red ledger but what it contains is something we are yet to find out. Even though the movie version of Black Widow doesn’t have the powers like her comic book counterpart, she stands almost at par with the powerful superheroes. Her intelligence, spy skills, combat skills, and loyalty deem her as one of the best assets of the Avengers team. Fans can’t help but eagerly wait for her upcoming movie that promises to unfold the deepest secrets and past of the enthralling character. Meanwhile, we have managed to gather interesting and mind-blowing hidden and secret details about her, subtly snuck in the movies by the MCU, which caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

 1. Her Past Hinted In Iron Man 2

Black Widow was a villain in her earlier years in the comic books. It has been hinted at on several occasions in the movies but MCU hasn’t explored it much. Iron Man 2 made a nod to her notorious past during the F1 scene in Monaco. The jacket in which Ivan Vanko showed up read the name ‘B.Turgenov’. In the comic books, Black Widow and KGB agent Turgenev were given the task to kill Tony Stark.

 2. Forewarns Her Skills In Iron Man 2

We should have known Natasha’s true nature as an assassin and a spy early on in Iron Man 2. Apart from her kickass experience with Happy Hogan, she was confidently ready to stop Iron Man and War Machine at the party. Such bravery was uncommon for a secretary with no combat skills.

 3. Her Russian Origin

Another moment in Iron Man 2 gave away her Russian ancestry which many fans missed out except a few. When Justin Hammer couldn’t retrieve his systems from Vanko’s hack, he asked his men to try Russian codes. Later, Black Widow could easily break into War Machine’s hacked system because she could crack the Russian codes. That not only indicates her genius mind but her Russian fluency.

 4. Has A Habit Of Raising Her Feet

Black Widow doesn’t raise her legs only when she is kicking or practicing ballerina. Natasha evidently enjoys keeping her feet up on a surface even when she is relaxing. She was seen doing so on multiple occasions- in the car in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Cap asks her to put down her feet and on her desk in Avengers: Endgame. We get it, Romanoff! You are flexible!

 5. Spied On Hammer Industries

Black Widow joined the Stark Industries under the alias Natasha Rushman. If you see carefully, her resume included her experience at Hammer Industries. It clearly indicates that she had previously infiltrated Hammer Industries, which is why she was well accustomed with the building security and layout.

 6. Values Others’ Lives Over Her Own

Black Widow is a skilled fighter who is always ready in the face of danger. But what makes her a hero is her willingness to save others at the first opportunity she gets. She jumps on to protect people she cares about without giving it a second thought. When Winter Soldier attacked Captain America and Falcon, she climbed on the front seats of the car and covered Steve’s head without caring about her own life.

 7. Truly Loves Hawkeye

Natasha and Clint Barton share a strong friendship in the MCU. They also had a romantic past in the comic books which were struck off in the films by introducing Hawkeye’s family. Movie fans haven’t explored their past yet but some interesting hints were dropped here and there. For instance, the fact that Natasha wears an arrow locket signifies her bond with Clint.

 8. A Spy Always Changes Looks

Changing appearances isn’t new to Black Widow because of her job profile as a spy. She changed her hairstyles throughout the MCU but pushed it a bit further in Avengers: Infinity War by dyeing hair and bleaching eyebrows blonde. It was not a fashion statement but a way to change her look since she was a fugitive.

 9. One Must Also Mask One’s Hands

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Natasha paid attention to every detail in her disguise. As she revealed herself by taking off the mask, the eagle-eyed fans noticed the tech-gloves on her hands.

 10. Can Tell Others’ Killing Technique

Steve Rogers and Falcon aka Sam Wilson would have died in Captain America: The Winter Soldier had it not been for Black Widow. When Winter Soldier was following them, Black Widow immediately moved Steve and Sam’s heads from the seat headrest. As an assassin herself, she knew that Winter Soldier would first target for the head.

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