Interesting Details Hidden In Iron Man 2 That Connects To Avengers

Details Hidden In Iron Man 2:

Iron Man 2 didn’t live up to its predecessor’s success due to many reasons. From the poor character building of the villain Whiplash to the poor script, the entire movie was messed up. But the film is also known for inserting little elements that were important for the Marvel Universe. It is believed that the directors were strictly confined to crafting a bigger picture for the shared universe rather than focus on Iron Man’s story.

Regardless, MCU fans have found some fascinating things in the movie. All they needed was an eagle’s eyes and Sherlock’s brains to crack the clues. Some of these mind-blowing details were dedicated to the shared universe and have little dots that draw up to the future of MCU. Find out the 10 interesting details hidden in Iron Man 2 that connects to Avengers.

 1. Why Tony Suffers From Palladium Poisoning

Iron man 2 was stuffed with too many stories. One of them was Tony suffering from Palladium Poisoning. But it was an after-effect of action in Iron Man when Pepper had pressed the button of Palladium Gas to overload the Arc Reactor. Tony’s arc reactor used the Palladium as its core and that incident led to his bloody toxicity.

 2. Illuminati On Tony’s Phone

Iron Man 2 made a playful reference to the comic book issue of Illuminati. During the court sequence, Tony was seen using his phone that displayed many apps and folders. One of them was caught by eagle eyes fans as they read Illuminati. The Illuminati in the comic books was an organization run by Iron Man, Professor X, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, and Namor. Sadly, it was an empty Easter Egg and MCU hasn’t acted upon it yet.

 3. Tesseract In Howard Stark’s Journal

We learned about the Tesseract in Captain America: The First Avengers and later in The Avenger in the following year. But before these movies, we got a mathematical idea of the Tesseract in Howard Stark’s journal when Tony was going through it. Why Tony’s father that diagram in his notes was explained in Captain America 1.

 4. Iron Man Met Peter Parker

Not just the Hulk, but many primary characters showed up in Iron Man 2, directly and indirectly. There was always a theory around Peter Parker being the kid with the toy Iron Man helmet in the movie. This theory was confirmed in Spider-Man: Homecoming during the credits scene when Robert Downey Jr.’s name appeared.

 5. Wakanda Visible on The Map

Clearly, Nick Fury was keen to add Black Panther to the Avengers team too, before its inception. Whether he was considering T’Chaka or T’Challa is unknown but he definitely had Wakanda in his mind. The hidden nation was marked on the map when Nick was discussing the Avengers initiative with Tony.

 6. A Nod To ‘The Incredible Hulk’

When Nick Fury sets a meeting with Tony Stark at the end of the movie, there was a vivid reference to The Incredible Hulk. During the discussion about the Avengers, we can see the ‘Battle at Culver University’ where the Hulk had confronted Emil Blonsky.

 7. It’s Always Pepper Potts

When Tony makes Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries, he says “It’s always been you”. Fast forward a few movies and skip to Avengers: Endgame when Tony was stuck in deep space. He records a message for Pepper, saying “When I drift off, I will dream about you. It’s always you.”

 8. When The Drones ‘Salute’

Ivan Vanko tapped on the homophones from 2 different languages while speaking to Justin Hammer. When Vanko said that he could make the drone ‘salute’, he meant ‘salyut’ in Russian which translates to fireworks.

 9. Tony Stark’s Robe

Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter was a prequel series of the Avengers that depicted the adventures of Howard Stark and Peggy Carter. In the 2013 series, Howard is seen wearing a new shiny robe. Tony wore the same robe that belonged to his father in the 1940s in Iron Man 2.

 10. Tony and Pepper’s Picture

Every scene, action, and dialogue in the MCU manifests its purpose sooner or later. Everything in this universe comes around. Just like Tony and Pepper’s picture in Monaco that seemed a casual moment showed up later in The Avengers behind Tony.

 11. Rolls-Royce Hood

It’s common knowledge by now that the coveted Spirit of Ecstasy on Rolls – Royce retracts when the car comes in physical contact with something, preventing theft and damage. SO, it was fun to watch the hood ornament retract when Happy had hit Vanko.

 12. Real Drones Were Used

According to some reports and fans, the Navy Drones named VX-23 were real drones. The VX-23 belonged to Navy Air Station, Patuxent River, aka NAS Pax River in the United States as a testing squadron.

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