WandaVision: 13 Easter Eggs Hidden In Episode 1 and 2

The much-awaited MCU Phase 4 has finally begun with its first TV series WandaVision on Disney+. Episodes 1 and 2 are already out and fans can’t help but grapple onto every clue cleverly planted in the show. Without revealing much, it has snuck in details indicating the mysterious plot and the MCU Phase 4 storyline. So. Let’s find out the 10 Easter eggs hidden in episodes 1 and 2.

The show takes you to the retro suburban lives by paying homage to classic sitcoms “I Love Lucy”, “Bewitched”, and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. However, everything in this world seems bizarre and enchanted. It’s with the time that we’ll find out if it’s Wanda’s mind or something else.

“The Devil Is In The Details”

The explicit mention of “Devil is in the details” is a major Easter egg to all the devils in the underworld of the Marvel Universe. Wanda messing up the reality so many times could open gates to hell and make way for the devil, perhaps Mephisto. In fact, in the comic books, Wanda sparked life into Mephisto’s soul after changing the reality to give herself children.

Avengers #238

The “Hart” on the calendar had greater significance than Vision’s boss visiting him. It marked the date 23rd August, AKA 23/08 that refers to Avengers #238 where Vision was reactivated after being shut down from a misadventure.

Homage To Bewitched and I Love Lucy

Both the episodes in the show made fun references to the classic sitcoms, “Bewitched” and “I Love Lucy”. The first episode began with Wanda trying to set up the house with telekinesis or magic in the language of “Bewitched”.

The second episode hilariously showed Wanda and Vision sleeping separately on twin beds. While the younger audience may be dazed with this setup, the once familiar with the censorship of the ‘60s won’t be surprised. Back then, the British Board of Film Classification and the Production Code in the US banned any display of a man and woman sharing the same bed.

Bottle From House of M

The bottle of wine that Wanda served from when Vision’s boss and his wife visited read “Maison du Mepris”. The “M” logo on it marks the comic book issue of House of M where Wanda warped the reality to escape from her miseries.

“Traditional Sokovian Greeting”

The “traditional Sokovian greeting” seemed like a light-hearted joke in the first episode. However, that line wasn’t a coincidence that Vision resorted to lying to his boss. It was a gloomy reference to “Age of Ultron” when Wanda mind-controlled Avengers by placing her hands on their eyes from the back. The way she sent them into a world of dreams resembles the way she has changed everyone’s reality in WandaVision.

The Animated Opening

The Animated opening of the second episode was brimming with clues and Easter eggs. When Wanda shops at the convenience store, there are ad posters of Bova Milk and Aunty A’s Kitty Litter. In the comic books, Bova was a cow transformed into Wanda’s maid by a scientist named High Evolutionary. Aunty A on the other hand is a reference to Aunty Agatha aka Agatha Harkness, a witch from a different school of magic, older than that of Doctor Strange. She was addressed as Aunty Agatha by Mr. Fantastic’s son and assisted Wanda to transform into Scarlet Witch.

Other Easter eggs were images of Galactus and Human Torch’s “4” logo for the Fantastic Four in the sky.

The Toy Helicopter

WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden
WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden

The high-tech and colorful helicopter toy appearing in the black and white retro reality of Wanda seemed like another knock from the outside world. The colors of the chopper are interesting as it reminds us of Iron Man’s armor but the logo on it belongs to SWORD.

Scarlet Witch and Vision Watched By SWORD

The first episode raised many eyebrows in shock as it ended with “The Truman Show” kind of resemble. Wanda and Vision’s Westview zooms out on a television screen as if they all were monitored by someone. It is visible that they are being surveillance by SWORD with their logo appearing in the corner.  SWORD was an organization that protected the earth from extraterritorial forces. In the MCU, they stand for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division that watched superhumans.

Jimmy Woo’s Voice

Wanda’s dreamy reality is often punctured with intrusions from the outside world. This one was from Jimmy Woo, played by Randall Park in Ant-Man and the Wasp. He is apparently with SWORD and asks Wanda through the radio “Who’s doing this to you, Wanda”

The Advertisements

WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden
WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden

The endorsements in a classic sitcom break fashion have a serious consequence than what may appear. They are not merely advertisements for a toaster and watch. The very mentions of Stark Industries in the toaster ad and of HYDRA in the Strucker Watch ad seem to have a dire connection.

Both the names associated with tragedies in Wanda’s life. The first time she came across the name Stark Industries was when a bomb with its logo killed her parents in their apartment during the Civil War in Sokovia. The red blinking light beeping as if it would explode recalls the time when Pietro and Wanda spent days watching the second bomb from under the bed without moving as they feared that it would also burst.

The Strucker watch with the Hydra logo emblazoned on it is a recall to Wolfgang Von Strucker from Hydra who performed experiments on the twins. Perhaps, the next advertisement in the 3rd episode could associate with Pietro’s death.

The Man In Beekeeper Outfit

WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden
WandaVision Easter Eggs Hidden

In the last scene right before Wanda warped the reality colorful, a man in the beekeeper outfit emerges from the sewer. This seems to be an intrusion into Wanda’s world and the appearance resembles an organizational outfit in the comic books called AIM. AIM is an organization of highly skilled scientists who appeared in Iron Man 3. Their involvement has also been hinted at in Black Widow trailers.

Vision’s “Indestructible Head”

Wanda made a nod to her past in the MCU by cracking a joke on Vision’s head. While the android has an “Indestructible head” in this strange reality, he ironically died in the outside world by getting his head crushed in the hands of Thanos who wanted the Mind Stone.

Vision’s Tie

The symbol on Vision’s tie bears resemblance to the one he wore in “The Vision” by Tom King. In that story, Vision tried to blend into society by starting a family and working in an office like a regular man.

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