Captain Marvel vs Shazam – Will The Victor be DC or Marvel?

Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is well respected as one of the most powerful superheroes ever in the Avengers roster. Shazam is literally a God in DC. Carol Danvers can use her energy manipulation powers to great effect and has been seen as a flag bearer for Marvel Comics in recent years. Shazam is also a premium superhero from the DC Universe and is as equally, maybe even more popular amongst diehard comic book fans that are well versed in comic book lore. So if a fight between the God of Gods and the Binary Woman breaks out, who do you think will win the match? Presenting – Captain Marvel vs Shazam – Will the Victor be DC or Marvel?!?!

Captain Marvel vs. Shazam

NOTE – We are only using the comic book versions as a reference. So don’t go all hillbilly on us….

First, let us all have a look at both superheroes.


Billy Batson was a normal kid with nothing special to boast about. Then with fates mysterious die sealing his fate with a weird twist, Batson became the avatar of Gods. In the Rock of Eternity sits the Wizard Shazam, who saw in Billy a kindred soul who could be turned into a force for good. Billy, by literally uttering the name Shazam, could turn into a hulking of a man.

As Shazam, Billy Batson could gain access to the powers of six Gods from six different pantheons and gain a wide array of superhuman physical attributes that includes but is not limited to superhuman strength, speed, durability endurance, intelligence, stamina, mental abilities and a whole platter of freaky meta-human powers. He is as strong as Superman and has defeated him at times. He is also as quick a Flash (if the latter runs at his normal speed). He is also quite intelligent as he possesses the Wisdom of Solomon.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was exposed to alien energy after which she gained the ability to manipulate extra cosmic sources and manipulate energy at an atomic level to grant herself a host of superhuman skill sets. She can fly, generate concussive energy beams and conjure up shields as well as the usual superhuman physical attributes.

captain marvel

Carol Danvers is also one of the only beings in the whole universe who has gone toe to toe against beings like the Builders – hyper-advanced beings who were the first to achieve sentience in the universe and even Galactus, the focal point of death and destruction and holder of the Power Cosmic who can literally tap into the energy of the Big Bang. Captain Marvel is not just powerful; she is crazy, insanely powerful. She is an opponent that is fit to fight a champion of the Gods like Shazam.

Final Fight – Captain Marvel vs Shazam

A fight would not break out between these two that easily. Both are level-headed people who would think twice before jumping into something this dangerous. Captain Marvel and Shazam, if you still don’t know, actually shared the same name once. Both were known as Captain Marvel before DC changed their Captain Marvel’s name to Shazam. So maybe a fight between them could be a fight for individual identity? Come on, guys! Let us make this a bit interesting!!!

Verdict – Who wins?

It is Shazam!! I know many would have liked Captain Marvel to win. She would give him a tough fight but Shazam is just too powerful. In the comics, Shazam has been defeated by Captain Marvel (the original Kree one) before but the situation was entirely different then. Besides, Shazam is no longer a slave to the same six Gods.

Captain Marvel vs Shazam

He has a whole new set of Gods to draw power from. And there is one more ability of his that gives him an advantage in battle – Believe it or not, Shazam can summon any God, even the Source or the Presence itself, to come and fight by his side. When you put all of this together, there is no way Captain Marvel would have a chance! Sorry fellas, DC takes this one fair and square.

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