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Batman Punches Gordon in New The Batman Clip

The Detective Comics’ extended Universe is about to hit a fork in the road. With the next releases scheduled to be The Batman and The Flash, things are bound to get confusing for the average fan. Seeing as both of them are coming out of the same studio but are not necessarily taking place in the same universe. WB is trying their best to make things interesting but they are having a little trouble transitioning. For context, we will get to see three separate Batman in this year alone. Two of them are slated to appear in The Flash and one is getting his own movie. Speaking of The Batman there is a new Batman clip that shows an interesting snippet.

As we all know, the only reason Batman has been able to operate in Gotham for so long without being caught by the police is the cooperation he receives from Gordan. Commissioner Gordan is one of the most iconic characters from DC comics. He is Batman’s inside man and he is his unspoken partner. The two have solved innumerable crimes in the past and have brought a lot of Gotham’s criminals to justice. We are about to see a new iteration of Batman and with it, we are going to see a new Gordan. This also means that we will get another in-depth look into how their relationship will develop. It is rare to witness Batman and Gordan butting heads but The Batman will bless us with this dynamic.


New The Batman Clip

Robert Pattinson recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and showcased a new clip from The Batman for his fans. The said clip can be seen at 7:31 in the above video. We can see that Batman and Gordan are discussing something related to penguin thugs and how one of Gordan’s peers might be involved with the gangster. When they are done discussing Batman proceeds to punch Gordan and then races out of the police station with all the cops in hot pursuit. Fans might be wondering why he chooses to punch his best man, well, I suppose they are still not in a place where the entire police force trusts Batman so the punch ensures that no one thinks that they are colluding with each other.


It is a misdirection to make sure that the cop that they are onto does not get wise to their analysis. They need to catch him in the act if they seek to convict him on the charges. This movie is supposed to focus on the detective aspect of Batman. They wish to emphasize how great his deductive skills are. This particular scene certainly captures that intention. Moreover, there is a certain flair in Robert Pattinson’s Batman that we were not expecting. But we can’t say that it is bad.


The Batman clip

In fact, the young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne translates to screen well and we feel that we can complement his performance. The clip also confirms that the mob that Batman will fight will majorly be from The Penguin. It seems that rather than only using the normal gangsters, the movie has chosen to introduce the crimelord penguin in the tenure of the story.


The Consequences

It is also possible that we will see the rise of The Penguin in the movie because the marketing up until now has only referred to him as Oswald Cobblepot and portrayed Falcone as the leader. What happens after the movie comes out is anyone’s guess. Moreover, there is a good chance that the character would further develop in his titular HBO Max series. That would be a nice change after Gotham ended.


The Batman clip

We do think that the movie will be more street-based than all other Batman movies up until now. This new Batman clip makes us believe that the moviemakers understand how the fans see Batman and are trying to realize that vision. The shot of Batman pulling out a grapple gun from his sleeve is one that will entice fans for quite some time. It is small details like that which enable us to appreciate the studio and its effort. We think that this movie will be a great success.

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