Fans Spot Another Big Avengers Tower Mistake In Hawkeye Finale

We got to see Marvel Studios release shows that were canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The final series for the year 2021 was the Hawkeye series that finished up this week with the final episode. The final series ended the year as a Christmas treat with visuals that supported the festival season and a finale that leaves up excited for the future of the MCU. There were a lot of moments in the series that marked for interesting moments that would leave an impact on the MCU. But there were also certain issues with the continuity of the series and that definitely leave a lot to be asked for. It seems that fans have yet again spotted an Avengers Tower mistake in Hawkeye.


In terms of setting up certain events in the MCU the projects often have to end up setting up references to the past moments from MCU. There were a lot of moments in Hawkeye that were references to some events of the MCU. This was mostly because the series played around the idea of how Clint Barton’s past acts as a painful memory to him. At the same time setting up the other characters required them to show during certain moments of the MCU history. The very first episode of the series actually showed us the events of the New York Battle from The Avengers. But this scene had a lot of errors in it in terms of depicting the battle in terms of timing etc.


One of the most noticeable errors in this scene was definitely the damage that took place in the Avengers Tower. Back then it was the Stark Tower and as the battle had unfolded we saw that certain explosions had affected the STARK sign on the tower. The way this damage was seen in the series and the way it actually was during the actual event were massively different. It seems that the series has again shown another major issue surrounding the Avengers tower but this time it’s more about the location of the building than any damage to it.


Avengers Tower Mistake In Hawkeye Finale?

Metlife Building visible in Hawkeye finale. Should technically be Avengers Tower. The netflix shows had this problem as well so i wonder if Marvel will go back and modify these shots. from marvelstudios

A Marvel fan posted on Reddit regarding the absence of the Avengers Tower in the Disney+ series’ finale. Here we see that the Avengers Tower is replaced by the MetLife Building which is the actual building that exists in that location instead of the tower. During one of the establishing shots from the final episode of the series, fans could see the MetLife building at the bottom of the screen which is rather odd considering this building does not exist according to past MCU projects of the MCU.


Avengers Tower Mistake In Hawkeye

In real-life New York, the MetLife building could be seen right behind the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. Because of the various establishing shots for the Avengers Tower, it is rather noticeable that we have actually seen the Avengers tower behind the Grand Central Terminal.


This is even clearly shown during one of the establishing shots from The Avengers. This is quite a weird mistake considering the Marvel Netflix shows have also shown the Metlife building instead of the Avengers Tower during their establishing shots. Hawkeye is actually the first MCU project that actually might be confirming that these Netflix shows are canon to the MCU with the appearance of Wilson Fisk reprised by Vincent D’Onofrio.


Avengers Tower Mistake In Hawkeye

This could not be intentional as then we would have an explanation that would say that the Avengers Tower is now replaced by the MetLife in the MCU. There has been a lot of mistake in the Marvel projects that we have gotten to see this year and this might be just another one of them. Or there is a chance that this is a possible nod to the Netflix Marvel Universe but that does not make much sense at all. All the episodes of Hawkeye are available for fans to see on Disney+.

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