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7 Mutants That Fox Totally Destroyed And Made Unusable for the MCU

The 20th Century Fox established an entire cinematic universe with the X-Men characters over the years. Fans got to see a wide variety of narratives that were picked from the comics and this was allowed to be made into the most interesting projects from Marvel. But the movies had a tendency of being bad and good with each new project. This went into being absolutely poor with the projects around the end putting the final nails to the coffin of the 20th Century Fox X-Men franchise. Let’s take a look at some mutants that Fox totally destroyed to the level that they’ve become unusable for the MCU.


Lana Condor como Jubilee, em X-Men: Apocalipse - Purebreak

Jubilee is one of the most significant characters in the X-Men comics as she made her debut in 1989. The character has quite a popularity amongst the fans even though there is a divided view about this character. But despite all that the character was able to remain quite a popular Marvel hero. But the X-Men movies treated her as nothing more than a redundant extra. X-Men: Apocalypse saw her being the tough guide for the new Xavier Institute student. This is a major disappointment considering her on-screen depiction remains a massive failure for the fans.


Multiple Man

Mutants that Fox totally destroyed

Multiple Man is one of the most unique abilities in X-Men and that involved being able to create clones of himself. The comics have used Jamie Madrox in a wide variety of narratives that led to some exciting tales. We even saw the character helping out the X-Men during various occasions and actually ending opening the X-Factor Investigations. But the movie depiction of the character was completely opposite to this and is thrown away like he has no potential at all.



X-Men': Who Are The New Mutants In 'Days Of Future Past' Trailer? - MTV

Another interesting character from the X-Men has to be Warpath, considering he is an absolute badass. The character is considered to be the Chuck Norris equivalent of the X-Men. This is major because of the massive number of abilities that he has at his disposal. He played a significant role in X-Men: Days of Future Past as he was able to track that the Sentinels were on the gates. The character fought till the very end to keep the Sentinels at bay but the latter was able to melt his face off. It actually is a very simple ending for a character that had a lot of potentials.



Psylocke Spotlight: The History of Olivia Munn's Psionic Mutant

Psylocke has to be one of the biggest failures that the X-Men movies might have had in bringing a character to the screen. She is a rather significant member of the X-Men and there are a lot of narratives that run parallel to her considering she is the sister of Captain Britain. The character was first seen appearing as an extra in X-Men: The Last Stand. She was killed by Jean Grey when she became a part of the Omegas. Another chance was taken on the character with X-Men: Apocalypse with Olivia Munn and again the narrative failed to bring the true awesomeness of the character.



The Real Reason Sabretooth Was Recast In The X-Men Movies

Fans were excited to hear that there was actually a chance that Sabretooth might have gotten his own solo venture following X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This was mostly due to the excellent performance that Liev Schreiber gave in order to bring the character to the screen. But there was a lot more from the character that was expected but never seen in the movies. Both the iterations of the character, Liev Schreiber and Tyler Mane’s, failed to do proper justice to the craziness of Victor Reed.



Mutants that Fox totally destroyed

Darwin has one of the most powers amongst the X-Men and that involves spontaneous evolution. This allowed for the character to be able to withstand any sort of drastic change in his immediate environment. This means that he can actually survive anything at all. But that was not the case with his depiction in X-Men: First Class as we saw him being given the least amount of screen time. Killing him off in that manner was actually a mockery of the legacy of the character itself.



Is Sunspot Joining Thunderbird in New X-Men Drama 'Gifted?' | Geeks

Sunspot appeared as Robert da Costa who is a Brazilian mutant and had the ability to absorb solar radiation. The character first appeared as a member of the New Mutants team. This was the very move that allowed for the character to gain quite a popularity amongst fans. But his on-screen depictions failed to have the success that he experienced in the comics. The character was first seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past as one of the characters who fought against the Sentinels. Later he appeared in New Mutants and this was the very last thing that was needed to make sure his on-screen adaptation remains a failure.

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