Will We Get To See The X-Men & Fantastic Four In What If.

With two episodes already out What If…? has already become a fan favorite. This is in line with the Marvel shows coming out in the Disney+ streaming service. Each show has been exploring the characters in a much more detailed pattern. This allows us to see the different dimensions of the characters we have been used to over the years. The unique thing about What If…? being that it explores a certain structure that has never been touched before. This animated show takes us to some of the parallel universes that have been created by certain Nexus events. The endless possibilities make for some of the most exciting storylines in the show. But something we haven’t seen yet is the mention of any of the newly acquired characters by Marvel. Some fans are left wondering why the X-Men and Fantastic Four are absent from What If…? and its unusual premise. So we’ve got to ponder the question – Will we see the X-Men and Fantastic Four in What If?

The X-Men and Fantastic Four

We have seen X-Men and Fantastic Four in their live-action adaptations before under the 20th Century Fox banner. The X-Men movies were responsible for heightening the Marvel hype before the Marvel Cinematic Universe began. Though some of the movies had their highs and lows they were able to make an impact with their highs. The same cannot be said for the latter as the family of four was adapted twice and both times it failed to make an impression. The rights to both the comic book properties have now reverted back to Marvel following the Disney-Fox acquisition.

Will They Appear In What If…?

With two episodes already out, Brad Winderbaum, executive producer, spoke with Collider about What If…?. He talked about several projects that were considered for the show. And he was also asked about the previous Fox properties, i.e the Fantastic Four and X-Men. He explained why the Fantastic Four and X-Mean were left out from the show right from the very beginning. 

Fantastic Four In What If

He said:

We had very few parameters when we were ideating the show, but that was certainly one of them. We wanted to make sure that the characters were firmly rooted in the MCU. It had nothing to do with rights, it had nothing to do with the future stories we wanted to tell, it had everything to do with what What If…? Is, which is a spin on an established storyline, so we looked primarily at the Infinity Saga.

It has been confirmed that What If…? Season 2 will include Phase 4 projects as well. So if it comes out after the upcoming Fantastic Four project, then we might obviously see the Fantastic Four In What If. But not before that. Ever since the announcement that the movie adaptations of these properties are in the works, fans have been going crazy with what they can expect. Even though it is not a direct nod but various references have already been made to the characters from Fantastic Four in WandaVision. Even though the X-Men movie hasn’t been announced yet, the Fantastic Four movie has already been announced is going to be helmed by Jon Watts.

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