Here’s The SPEEDSTER Who Is The Fastest And It’s Not The Flash

Yes, it is true that Barry Allen aka The Flash created the speed force, understands the science behind it the best and has the most skill with it. But is he the fastest? Let’s see…

The Flash Season 4

When Barry sacrificed his life to defeat the Anti-Monitor, Wally took up the mantle of being Flash. But he never increased his speed more than Barry. This was out of respect as well as out of fear of being sucked into the speed force. The day he let off his mental blocks, that day and forth Wally showed his true speed to everyone.

There are quite a few instances about the same, such as Barry tried hard to break the time barrier, whereas Wally did it as it were a piece of cake. Like in the time where Thawne got Barry out of the speed force but Barry went back in, in order to defeat Black flash, but wasn’t fast enough to get out and said, “All I need is a little push” at which moment Wally comes to the rescue. Not only he exited the speed force himself but also took Barry with him with ease.

There are quite a few instances, such as when Wally raced to the end of time and outran death itself. Wally was also the first Flash to attain Nirvana in the speed force, which is a big thing for speedsters. Not only this he also ran faster to the Earth before aliens could teleport, and teleportation as we know it is in an instant.

Not only this in the ‘Words Of Wisdom’ chapter, the original Wally says to the new Wally, ”One day you’re going to challenge Barry to a race. You’re young so you won’t be able to help yourself, and he’s going to let you win. That’s just who the lash is. Don’t let him. You beat him fair and square. It will be worth it. Trust me.” Which also indirectly marks Wally saying, ‘This is how I learned to get faster than Barry.’ Not only this the present writer of the Flash comics has also said, that Barry has the most skills with speed, but it’s Wally who’s explored the speed force the most. Also, he said something that the fans would love to hear, that he’ll make Wally and Barry race one day.

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